Information Providers Committee

1995 Annual Report

(Note: The Editors 1995 Annual Report for work done under the IP Committee is also available.)
" to supply the Chebucto Community Net with Information Providers significant to our community and help them in their efforts to produce up-to-date and revelant information"
Now I can exhale:
-Uau, what a year!

At this time last year, CCN had approximately 20 IPs and one of our resolutions for the year was to increase the number of IPs by 300%. As it always seems to be with CCN, we underestimated our reach. We now have more than 150 IPs, an increase of more than 600%! And that's not all ...

Thanks to our IPs and volunteers, last year CCN was choosen as the "Best Community Site" in Canada, a true measure of what a group of committed individuals can accomplish.

New IPs keep coming at a steady rate and although well established and working fairly well at this point, the IP Process is being overhauled by Gerard MacNeil. Those changes should make it even easier to manage information on CCN and give new levels of flexibility to our IPs.

Several of our IPs now donate regularly to CCN. This not only helps offset the cost of running CCN, but also demonstrates the commitment of those IPs to our community and CCN.

We now have an established group of Editors with Ben Armstrong as the editor-in-chief. The editor guidelines have been discussed and are being implemented.

With the establishment of a group of editors and the overhaul of the IP management program, the IP Committee should now be able to concentrate more time on its original mandate, outreach. That is, to supply CCN with more IPs for our community.

This year also marks my retirement as chair of the IP Committee. It's hard to believe 2 years have already passed. I had the opportunity to work with truly amazing people and in the process made several friends. I hope the new chair enjoys this position as much as I did.

These are the people that make CCN spin:
(in alphabetical order, ladies first, of course)
Laura Jantek
Bonny Lee
Sharon MacDonald
Carol Sin Wulfman
Ben Armstrong
Tony Cianfaglione
Wayne Grosko
Chris Majka
David Murdoch
Respectfully submitted,
Carlos Freitas -