Volunteers Committee

1995 Annual Report

Firstly I should mention that my involvement with the Chebucto Community Net began when I had the pleasure of a work assignment to assist with the Umbrella Group for Freenets Conference in Truro in November, 1994.

On a more practical level, during the Spring and Summer of 1995 there were revisions made to the documentation that encourages those new to the Chebucto Community Net to sign on as a volunteer.

The list of volunteers has remained fairly stable with approximately 240 names. It is from this list that calls are made for general volunteers and for volunteers for more specific tasks as requested by the various committee chairpersons.

To try to assist volunteers to understand where they may be able to help out two Volunteer Nights have been held. The first, in August, 1995, did not draw a large crowd. The second, February 13, 1996 saw a crowd of about 40 participants. In both cases may of the experienced volunteers, team leaders and committee chairs made presentations of their "volunteer" needs.

Chebucto Community Net volunteers have proven themselves to be technically versatile and to be great sales people for the concept of developing and maintaining an electronic community resource.

Respectfully submitted

Carole Compton-Smith