Nominating Committee Report

The Board of Directors normally consists of twelve people, six of whom are elected in any one year for a two year term. Because of mid-term resignations, we have nine positions to fill. Six candidates will be chosen for two-year terms and another three for one-year terms. It is our intention to ask the new Board to appoint Hugh Wright, who has already served three years, as Legal Advisor to the Board and ex officio Board Member. This is consistent with the Society's bylaws.

We have three directors who will serve the second year of their two-year terms: Rob Currie, Ben Armstrong and David Trueman.

Bernie Hart, who has now served for three years, has agreed to stand for another one-year term. Bernie's primary responsibilities in the past year have been in External Relations. In this capacity be has served as a director of Telecommunities Canada, Vice-Chair of the Nova Scotia Federation of Community Nets, Chair of the Telecommunities Canada 1997 Conference (in Halifax) and member of the Nova Scotia Community Access Committee.

Doug Rigby and John van Gurp who were appointed since the last election to fill vacancies have agreed to stand for a one-year term. Doug has been responsible for our Public Access Terminals (PATs) and has recently taken over leadership of the Support and Training Committee. John has been in charge of our Policy on Information Committee which deals with issues that require either the development or application of policies.

Standing for two-year terms are:

Tony Atuanya
Mr. Tony Atuanya is the Director of Economic Development for the Preston Area, the largest indigenous Black community in the Province of Nova Scotia. Tony also volunteers as the Executive Director of the Preston Area Board of Trade. He lives in North Preston with his family. Tony is a graduate of Dalhousie University with a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics and also graduated from Humber College, Toronto with a diploma in Electronic Engineering Technology. To is active in the Black community as an interested member of the community.
Michael Colborne
Michael is Information Services Coordinator at the Halifax Regional Library. Michael grew up in Shelburne, N.S. and is a graduate of Mount Allison University and the University of Wales. He has 20 years experience in public libraries in Nova Scotia and is a former president of the Nova Scotia Library Association. He has a particular interest in copyright, information rights, and issues surrounding public libraries and the internet.
Charles MacDonald
Charles Macdonald is the Executive Director of the Disabled Persons Commission of Halifax, Nova Scotia. He has a Masters degree in Business Administration from St. Mary's University and a Bachelors in Engineering (Civil) from TUNS. He is a member of the Association of Professional Engineers of Nova Scotia and enjoys walking, outdoor sports and activities, reading and family outings.
Peter Morgan
Peter Morgan is an educator and organizational development consultant. He has an active interest in the use of technology to help people learn, and to enable more effective organizational development. He has worked for a number of not-for-profit organizations as volunteer, staff member and consultant. He would welcome the opportunity to be more actively involved in CCN.
Peter Mortimer
Peter Mortimer is a Registered Social Worker presently employed with Metro United Way as Director of Agency and Community Services where he is responsible for managing the funding programs and outreach services to the volunteer sector. He has more than twenty years experience working in management positions in the volunteer sector. His interest in the Internet developed when he saw its potential to increase access to information and citizen participation. He is the IP Editor for Metro United Way.
Joan Waldron
Joan Waldron retires at the end of the month from the Nova Scotia Museum. Joan started at the Museum when Bernie Hart was Curator of education in the 1970s. She became full time Public relations Officer in the 1980 after a brief sojourn in the Canadian Arctic to collect and study string figures. She has looked after public events, marketing, media relations and everything the vast Tourism Industry throws her way for the 25 sites of the Museum. In her pre Nova Scotia life Joan worked for CBC Toronto in Public Relations where her background in music came in handy. She also has a Pharmacy MPS and used the chemistry part of these skills at Kodak, London as a research chemist. Joan loves to tell the world about her favourite place, Nova Scotia. Joan is an avid birder and has a not too shabby world list. She has 3 sons. Thinks communications are it, whatever the technology.
The Nominating Committee is very pleased to present this slate to the membership. We are delighted to have been able to attract such high-quality candidates.

Rob Currie
Laura Jantek
David Murdoch
David Trueman