1997-98 Volunteer Committee Report

Voluntarism is the essence of Chebucto Community Net. Without the dedication and unsung commitment of our volunteers Chebucto would not be a Canadian leader in community networks. I would like to express thanks to all those volunteers who have committed time, energy and talent to CCN over the past twelve months.

I would especially like to thank those members of the CCN Board of Directors whose term of office ends this year: particularly,

A sincere thank you from all members.

As well, a significant highlight of volunteer commitment in 1997-98 must be the energy and time of those volunteers who planned and facilitated the TeleCommunities '97 Conference held in Halifax. Thank you and congratulations.

While we have been off to a slow start, we believe the past year has been an opportunity for the Volunteer Committee of Chebucto Community Net to re-organize and prepare for the full utilization of volunteers in up-coming years. Speaking personally, the first twelve months of my term has been very challenging; learning the organizational structure and the variety and depth of the volunteer role and responsibilities with CCN has been daunting indeed. I would like to highlight the following points:

  1. 1. A Re-vitalized Committee: We have established a Committee of five individuals who have committed to serve as Volunteer committee members. These volunteers are:

  2. A Template: The Committee has developed a template for key Committee Chairpersons to utilize in their solicitation of volunteers for the Chebucto Community Network. Hopefully this tool will allow clear and timely information for volunteer requests.

  3. A Volunteer Database. Work is under-way to implement a database of information on volunteers (both active and non-active) with a scan of background, experience and interest. This should allow us to have a better understanding of the rich experience of volunteers and as well an understanding interests for more ease of matching volunteers to tasks.

  4. CCN-Volunteers: The list called "CCN-Volunteers" has been re-activated so that a base of volunteer resources and requests is easily accessed by the Volunteer Committee. Currently there are 267 individuals signed up on the list. Over the past several weeks a request for office support has utilized this CCN-Volunteer list.

We have much to learn and do over the next twelve months but we look forward to the challenge and the learning opportunities through the continued development of the rich volunteer base that makes Chebucto a truly community network.

If anyone has any suggestions please contact the Volunteer committee at or if anyone wishes to become a volunteer with Chebucto send a message to majordomo with the message .

Charlie Macdonald