February 17, 1994

Date: Sun, 5 Jun 1994 22:53:55 -0300
From: Kevin Alexander James Nugent
To: board-minutes

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Metro Community Access Network Society
Board of Directors meeting.
February 17, 1994 8pm

Attending: David Murdoch, David Trueman, Renee Davis, Paul
Skeffington, Kevin Nugent.
Late arrivals: Joan Brown-Hicks, Ellen Sherlock, Peter Henry, Rand
Not in attendance: Marion Pape, Connie Carruthers, Laura Jantek.

Called to order: 8:10pm.

An agenda was proposed by David Trueman: 

Business plan distribution
Schedule of board meetings
Policies for Board procedures

Additions to this were included in an agenda brought by Joan.

     * Paul Skeffington did some research on committees and found
literature describing what they are and why they can be necessary. 
At the minimum, ours will be required to meet, to keep minutes of
the meetings, and to report their results to the Board.  Our
committees will be asked to meet soon to work out their terms of
reference etc.  Paul suggested that a manual be created to help in
the creation and running of committees.

The Board:
     * Ellen distributed a copy of the board list given to NPTN.
     * The Board was informed that Marion Pape has resigned to
concentrate on the provincial organization.  She will be asked to
make this official with a letter to the secretary.
     * Paul Skeffington suggested that we conduct the meetings
according to Roberts Rules of Order. This includes recording of
date, time, attendance, late arrivals, those absent, motions,
seconds, actions resulting from motions, dissenting votes.  These
minutes will be approved by the chair and posted publically. 
Minutes of a society become legal documents.
     * It was agreed informally that we would try to meet on the
second Wednesday of each month at 7:00.  A place will be decided
upon later.

Committee memberships and chairs:
Discussions resulted in the following list being recommended as the
committees, chairs, and starting members.

SUPPORT AND TRAINING:Renee Davis(c), Gerard MacNeil, Carlos
Freitas, Joan Brown-Hicks.

TECHNICAL: David Trueman(c), Trent MacDougall, Gerard MacNeil.

FINANCE AND ADMINISTRATION: Kevin Nugent(c), Paul Skeffington, Dan
Pittman, John Chesley.

INFORMATION PROVIDERS: Carlos Freitas(c), John Chesley, Sharon
Haley-Mancini, Andrew Poplawski, Sharon McDonald, Gerard MacNeil,
Laura Jantek.

FUNDRAISING: David Murdoch(c), Ray Pierce, Ellen Sherlock, Bernie

COMMUNICATION: Ellen Sherlock(c), Peter Henry, Renee Davis, Laura

MEMBERSHIP: Rand Cooper(c), Tony Lamport, Ken Burke.

MOVED:By Peter Henry. Seconded by Renee Davis.
That the list of Committees and their members be approved, and that
the person listed as chair for each committee be elected. 

Motion passed with no dissenting votes.

     * David Murdoch volunteered to be a liason between the Board
and the Provincial body.
     * Carlos Freitas will be asked to accept the position of Chair
of the IP committee.
     * Chairs will be contacted by email and asked to confirm their
membership lists.  They will further be asked to consult a terms of
reference to be posted as a model by the Finance committee.  Their
own drafts, an action plan, and a timeline will be requested by
March 9.
     * David Murdoch asked that it be made policy that personnel
decisions be an executive function. (There was some discussion of
this suggestion later, but no motion was made and no assent to it
was given.)
     * Peter Henry asked for a volunteer to draft a paper
describing the role of the board. Paul Skeffington produced three
publications made available by the Department of Economic
Development: Chairing Meetings, Boards of Directors, and The
Cooperative Associations Act.

     * Renee Davis emphasized the importance of acting on the offer
made by NSTN as a show of good faith.  David Murdoch suggested we
create a Call For Proposals to attract some competitive bids for
internet provision.  It was agreed that we would have our position
ready to explain to the consultants when we meet with them on

Business Plan Distribution:
     * John Chesley will be printing up 50 more copies of the plan,
and Peter Henry will create 50 more covers.
Other business:
     * Paul Skeffington will gather information on a bank account
for the society.  He will have a reccomendation on Tuesday.  Peter
Henry will cost P.O. boxes for us.
     * David Murdoch will pay for a phone line into his house.  A
machine is needed to take calls.

MOVE FOR ADJOURNMENT: Made by Ellen Sherlock, seconded by Paul
Skeffington. Passed unanimously.
Meeting adjourned at 10:15pm.

Respectfully submitted:

Kevin Nugent

Kevin Alexander James Nugent, aa006@chebucto.ns.ca
Chebucto Freenet, a new kind of community.

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