Date: Mon, 26 Sep 1994 18:39:30 -0300
From: Kevin Alexander James Nugent
To: public archive of board minutes

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Metro Community Access Network Society
Board of Directors Meeting
July 5, 1994. 7:15pm. 5659 Merkel St.

Attending: David Murdoch, Laura Jantek, Joan Brown-Hicks, David
Trueman, Dave Towers, Ellen Sherlock, Carlos Freitas, Peter Henry,
Rand Cooper, Renee Davis.

Agenda additions: NSTN update, Consumers Association Workshop,

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved by the board.

The to-do list from the previous meeting was reviewed.
David T. asked that we try to phase out the paper forms for Society

Financial Report: We have $10,000 from Halifax and Access Cable.

We will plan to put together a budget to describe what we will do
with the monies given to us by ERA. Along with this we will be
updating our business plan.   The Finance/Administration committee
will meet to begin this process.

Public Access Terminal:  The 486 for this terminal is still at STD
and unassembled.  The library does not want any public announcement
of a PAT until their staff has been trained.  Renee suggested that
in the meantime we send SAT persons to train library staff on an
ASCII terminal.

NPTN:  Ellen reminded us that we committed to 'plan B' at the time
we registered with them.

All directors were asked to post their summer vacation dates so
that we can plan meetings around them.

Word from NSTN is that we should talk to Mike Dow about any
publicity with them.

Joan announced that the library will pay for her to attend the
conference in August.  David T. will do a demo of the system on
Tuesday the 16th in the A.M.

Communications:  After much discussion it was decided that Ellen
will draft a call for volunteers to serve on the communications
committee.  The goal is to find a co-chair for this committee.

Dave T. will take a few weeks to put together a three year plan for
guiding the fundraising effort.

David T. has asked Dalhousie to provide office space for the
administration of the system.

Kevin Alexander James Nugent, aa006@chebucto.ns.ca
Board member, Metro Community Access Network Society.
Board member, Telecommunaute's Canada/Telecommunities Canada.
"Chebucto Freenet, a new kind of community."

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