July 14, 1994

Date: Mon, 26 Sep 1994 23:32:31 -0300
From: Kevin Alexander James Nugent
To: public archive of board minutes

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Metro Community Access Network Society
Board of Directors Meeting
July 14, 1994. 7:15-10:30

Attending: Kevin N., Laura J., Peter H., Joan Brown-Hicks, Renee
D., David T., David M., Dave T., Carlos F.

Not in attendance: Ellen Sherlock, Rand Cooper.

Agenda was approved.

Minutes of last meeting were approved.

The todo list was reviewed and progress on several fronts was

Staff training at HCRL is ongoing.

Joan suggested that she go on to the Public Relations committee
possibly as co-chair.

Peter Henry showed the latest version of the fact sheets to the

August: David M. only received responses from half the board on who
is going on vacation in August. A few more gave information.

MOTION: That approval be given for David T. to purchase 12 modems,
1 multiplexor, and additional telephone lines as needed.  Moved by
David T. Seconded by Dave T.  No dissenting votes were cast. 
Motion passed.

MOTION: That a purchase be made of network connection equipment
consisting of 1 router and 2 56kb modems, not to exceed $5000. 
Moved by David T. Seconded by Laura J.  No dissenting votes were
cast. Motion passed.

Umbrella Group:  Marion Pape wants to have a meeting sometime in
late July.  Representatives from organizing committees and Free-
Nets from across the province would be asked to attend.
Marion has also asked to be allowed to address the conference in

Joan B-H. would like some informational packages to take to the

David T. pointed out that Halifax and Access Cable want cable
representatives from across the province to attend the opening of
the first PAT.

Treasurer's report:  We have $13.5k in our account.  $5-600 has
come in in the past week.

MOTION: That Gerard McNeil be hired as the first employee of
MetroCAN as of Aug. 1.

Dave T. suggested that he write up some postdated cheques for NSTN. 
This was approved by consensus.

The cable launch was discussed.  A date was discussed at which we
must decide either to go or to postpone.  This date will be decided
on Monday based on when certain VIP's must know.

Tourism:  Bruce F. suggested that the Department of Tourism be
approached to become an IP.  This could be a good business
generator for independant consultants who load information for IP's
for $$.

Our IP list and NSTN: Since we don't have a list compiled, NSTN can
be told that our IP information is online for anyone who wants to
gather it.

Next Meeting: July 21st at David M's place.

Demos: HPD can attend on the 18th or 20th, am or pm.  David M. will
mock up a police area for the department.
The NSLA wants a demo in Yarmouth Oct. 1.  David T. will do this.

David T. suggested that we start proposing revisions of the bylaws
for an AGM.  Think about board terms, etc.  Kevin N. will start
contacting Hugh Wright for this purpose.

Details of the fall launch were discussed.

Membership Committee:  There is a need to contact idle members and
those who have not been contacted yet.  This will become a routine
task.  As well, thank you letters to institutional members must be

David M.: Expressed concern on the movement of the Resource
Development Committee.  We will need corporate sponsors by fall. 
What do we do toward this in August?  He wants a number to give
fundraisers as a goal for the summer.  Each fundraiser must be
taken under the wing of one board member and trained on the system.

Laura will train Max Fox.  David T. will train Marlene Moore. 
Kevin Nugent will train Larry Hicks.  There are three needs which
must be covered in the training:  What CFN is, What the 3 year plan
is, what packages we will be selling.

Carlos reports that NS Sport and Recreation is eager to be on the
Province House will be putting a document called 'status of bills'
on the system.

Dave T. wanted to know if the executive director will be in place
by fall.  It was decided to put this position into year 2 as a
second staff position.

Signs for PAT's will need to be made.

A brainstorming session was suggested for thinking of what to do
for the G7.

Kevin Alexander James Nugent, aa006@chebucto.ns.ca
Board member, Metro Community Access Network Society.
Board member, Telecommunaute's Canada/Telecommunities Canada.
"Chebucto Freenet, a new kind of community."

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