July 21, 1994

Date: Mon, 26 Sep 1994 23:36:13 -0300
From: Kevin Alexander James Nugent
To: public archive of board minutes

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Metro Community Access Network Society
Board of Directors Meeting
July 21, 1994

Attending: Kevin N., David M., Laura J., Peter H., Renee D., Carlos
F., Rand C.

Not in attendance: David Trueman, Dave Towers, Ellen Sherlock, Joan

Previous Minutes were approved.
The TODO list was reviewed.  Not much progress could be reported
since attendance was down.

Cable Launch:
It was wondered who should do the inviting for this event.  David
M. will ask around to determine whose show this is and get back to
the board.  A press release will have to be finalized and released. 
"One Pagers" on how one can support the freenet will have to be
drafted.  Membership brochures should be available, as well as the
user agreement.
Some brainstorming ensued on what to include in the "how to
support..." document.  David M. will post a start on this document;
Laura J. will receive comments and incorporate them; Peter H. will
get it printed.

Membership report: Rand Cooper reports that he will be stepping
down as board member and chair of the membership committee.  He
emphasizes that he will remain an active volunteer with the Free-
Net.  The board took time to acknowledge the valuable contribution
that Rand has made while sitting on the board.

**NAME OMITTED** This person's request for endorsement raises
the subject of our policy toward this type of thing.  It is agreed
that while we cannot be taking the time to endorse every
businessperson who comes along, neither do we want to stop them
from benefitting from the free-net's existence.

Sensitive content:  What do we do about obscenity and other such
sensitive content on the network?  Brief discussion on this.

MOTION: That the section reading,"using obscene or abusive language
in public/private messages", be struck from the user agreement.
Peter Henry moved, Carlos F. seconded, No dissenting votes cast. 
Motion carried.

MOTION: That the section of the user agreement having to do with
parents' signatures be changed to include the following section:
"MetroCAN society advises parents or guardians that obscene and or
objectionable material may be available through the Chebucto Free-
Net."  Moved by Peter H.  Seconded by Kevin N.  No dissenting votes
were cast.  Motion carried.

Tourism:  Who's taking it on?  Why is it a special case?
It was suggested that a demo be arranged for the Tourism people in 
Economic Renewal.
There will be attempts to bring together various parties interested
in using the internet to promote Nova Scotia tourism.  Laura Jantek
will try to contact Paula M. at NSTN about this.

Volunteer orientation session, July 27: David M. spoke with Tony L. 
Tony is pretty busy these days at work.  We need to know if we'll
schedule sessions weekly or monthly, and starting when.  For now
we'll plan to start on the second Monday in September.

Next board meeting: Wed 27th at David M's place.

Kevin Alexander James Nugent, aa006@chebucto.ns.ca
Board member, Metro Community Access Network Society.
Board member, Telecommunaute's Canada/Telecommunities Canada.
"Chebucto Freenet, a new kind of community."

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