September 20, 1994

Date: Tue, 10 Jan 1995 16:23:58 -0400
From: Kevin Alexander James Nugent
To: board-minutes

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 Metro Community Access Network Society
 Board of directors meeting
 Sept. 20, 1994

 Attending: Kevin Nugent, David Trueman, Joan Brown-Hicks, Laura
 Jantek, David Murdoch, Renee Davis, Hugh Wright.

 Not in Attendance: Peter Henry, Carlos Freitas, Bernie Hart
 Agenda was discussed.

 David T. reported that he did an interview with cable 10 today.  It
 will be aired on Monday Sept 26 in the evening.

 The to do list was reviewed and revised.

 David T. reported that we are up to 1800 users, 12 phone lines.  We
 have received a $6500 invoice from Dal for services.  There are
 $3000 in receipts waiting for deposit.  There was no indication
 that the invoice and receipts were for the same time period.

 Funding is still pending from the government.  Various suggestions
 were made as to how we could facilitate delivery from the proper

 Kevin was asked to work with Hugh to start writing proposed new
 bylaws.  This should be done and reported on by the next meeting.

 It was suggested that we call an early general meeting  before the
 annual general meeting in order to have the members participate in
 the adoption of bylaws that reflect the society as it exists.  We
 will try to get as many society members online as possible to
 facilitate communication in the society.

The user agreement was discussed.   Various wordings were discussed 
on the subject of illegal or defamatory information with no decisions
being made.

 MOTION: By David Trueman, that the board authorize either the chair
 of the IP committee or a member of the board executive to sign IP
 agreements on behalf of the board.  SECONDED by  Renee Davis.  No
 dissenting votes were cast.  motion carried.

 It was requested that HHCI be contacted in regard to the donation
 they have pledged.

 Conflicts of interest were discussed. Hugh explained that the usual
 procedure is for a board member to declare a conflict if their
 financial interest is influenced by a board decision.  In such
 cases the member will step down for the time it takes for the
 decision to be made.

 Bernie H. is said to be working on having some introductory
 sessions at the information media services building of the
 provincial library.  The issue of building security must be
 resolved before this can start.

 Demo dates will be posted in a separate mailout.

 Communications.  There was discussion  of a  welcome page on the
 system that is seen before the home page.  There will be further
 thought and planning on this.

 Joan reported that the communications committee wants the board to
 set some priorities for them.  They also want a budget.  Joan is
 evaluating the members to see who will assume the position of

 Kevin was asked to bring a receipt book to the HCRL on the 25th for
 signing of new society members.

 PAT's:  There was discussion of the sites that want to host a PAT.
 David M will start an online discussion of what the priorities will
 be for placement of such sites.

 Schools/Youth committee:  It was agreed that they are two different
 interests each deserving a team or committee of its own.

 Future Meetings:  It was decided that the schedule demands of the
 members makes it necessary to stagger the days on which meetings
 will be held.  This way no one will have to miss every meeting.

 Next board meeting will be Thursday October 6, 7:15 @ Joan's home.
 The following meeting will be Wed. Oct 19, 7:15 @ Joan's.

 Other business.

 We are all asked to keep an eye out for space in which to hold

 Resource Development committee met last night.
 The committee wants to have a joint meeting with the communications

 David M. made contacts with TD bank, NovaKnowledge, McNabs Printing
 Municipal Affairs, the provincial Economic Development Committee,
 and Sally Walker from the Discovery Ctr. at the Technology
 Innovation Ctr. today.

 To do updates are to be posted to cfn-board and Laura will update
 the list from these postings.

 There was  some discussion of who should go to the NovaKnowledge
 assemble in the valley.
Kevin Alexander James Nugent,
Board member, Metro [Halifax] Community Access Network Society.
Board member, Telecommunaute's Canada/Telecommunities Canada.
"Chebucto Free-Net, a new kind of community."

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