October 6, 1994

Date: Tue, 10 Jan 1995 16:28:36 -0400
From: Kevin Alexander James Nugent
To: board-minutes

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Metro Community Access Network Society
Board of Directors Meeting
October 6, 1994
Merkel St., Halifax.  7:15 - 9:45pm

Attending: Joan Brown-Hicks, David Trueman, David Murdoch, Carlos Freitas, 
Dave Towers & Bernie----

Agenda: Due to absences and time constraints the following items were 
postponed until the next meeting:
-To do list
-Commercial content policies, NSTN
-Receipts policy
-Ian McAllister book chapter on freenet
-Freenet name

Minutes Oct. 22 94: Accepted after correction of Bernie's name.

Secretary: Dave Towers to act a meeting secretary.

Financial Report:
-ERA funds have been confirmed and we await more information.

-Petty cash: As the operation of the office, together with a number of 
minor out of pocket expenses the creation of a petty cash float was 
discussed. Following discussion David Trueman proposed a motion allowing 
Gerard to spend up to $150 on minor expenses to be re-inbursed 
periodically on presentation of expense report backed with receipts. 
Seconded by Dave Towers, Approved by board.

-Discussion of financial position and cashflow, Joan pointed out that we 
have not allocated funds for phone useage or equipment, nor the receipt 
of ERA funds. However we agreed that we are in a reasonable position.

-Discussed short term growth (remainder 1994), and need for more phone 
lines and modems

	- Motion to get 4 new phone lines at around $40 per installation and 
$40 pcm monthly rental. Proposed Bernie, Seconded Carlos. Approved by board.

	- Motion to buy 8 new modems at around $229 each. Proposed David T.,  
Seconded by David M. Approved by board.

-HRD funding: Joan reported that this is an ongoing process.

M T T: Bernie proposed an informational meeting with representatives of MTT 
with Carlos and David T. attending.

November GM: Decisions concerning this to be delayed until next meeting, 
specifically with reference to changes to by-laws and notice of the 

Premiers Task Force: Agreed that little discussion possible until public 
notice is published.

Public Information Sessions and Demo's:
-Novaknowledge Oct 28,29. David T will be attending and we will be using 
a booth for demo purposes. David M will try to attend .

-CANARIE Reception Oct 19 at Dal Faculty Club. Joan will go with Ken. 
David's T & M suggested we get Dan McKeen to go.

-School of Business Demo Oct 19. Joan, Laura and David T. will attend.

Schools Working Group: Discussed contacting locally based teachers with 
an interest. Karen Dahl of Dartmouth library is taking a lead in forming 
a group. It was suggested that NSTN have a place within the working group.

PATs: General discussion of the future placement of the PAT's, with an 
eye to involve a broad range of active communities, but also to ensure 
that the equipment is widely available to the general public. 

	-Motion proposed to have next PAT in the free access entrance 
area of the Discovery Centre. Proposed David M. Seconded Dave T. Approved.

	-Motion to place the following (3rd) PAT in a Dartmouth library. 
Proposed by Carlos. Seconded Bernie. Approved. 

Phone for office: Motion to acquire a combined phone answering machine 
for up to $200. Proposed David T. Seconded Dave T. Approved.

Next meeting: October 12 subject to later confirmation.

Meeting Adjourned.

				Dave Towers 

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