Date: Tue, 10 Jan 1995 16:31:51 -0400
From: Kevin Alexander James Nugent
To: board-minutes

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Metro Community Access Network Society
Board of directors meeting minutes
October 12, 1994

Attending: David Trueman, David Murdoch, David Towers, Joan B-H, Renee D.,
Laura J., Kevin N., Peter H.

The meeting started with some discussion on the present bylaws and the 
manner in which they are being evaluated for the purpose of proposing changes
at the first general meeting.

There was some discussion of the elections to be held at the annual general
meeting.  Hugh Wright will be asked to give his opinion on how the meeting 
and elections may be held properly.  Must we change the bylaws now or can we
put changes off until later?

The nominating committee will propose a slate of 12 directors for the 

Joan gave her recommendation that Joan Macintosh be accepted to the board and
named as chair of the communications committee.

Kevin Nugent moved that the board accept Joan Macintosh onto the board and as 
chair of the communications committee.  Seconded by Peter Henry.  No 
dissenting votes cast.  Motion carried.

There was a motion to accept the verbal resignation of Ellen S. by Peter 
Henry.  Seconded by Laura Jantek.  No dissenting votes were cast.  Motion was

Kevin Nugent was advised to write a note to Ellen Sherlock accepting her
verbal resignation and thanking her for the valuable contribution she has 
made to the organization.

The to do list was reviewed and revised.

There was some discussion about the money expected from the provincial 

The subject of NSF cheques and what to do with them was raised.
David Towers moved that NSF cheques be returned with a note asking that a 
'good' cheque be written for $12 plus a donation to cover the bank charge.
David Trueman seconded.  No dissenting votes cast.  Motion carried.

David Towers has been looking into where the 50k from the government should
be invested.  He will make a reccommendation by the next meeting.
David Trueman stated that he could really use a co-op student to help in the 
development of  Chebucto  Suite.

Kevin Nugent was asked to begin writing a PAT agreement.

The discovery center will need a 486dx/33 with 8 meg. RAM for their public
access terminal.

Commercial content:
Various options were discussed on the subject of how commercial content will
be approached.  A brainstorming session ensued and the decision was made to 
investigate what other community networks are doing.

There was a motion to accept the policy of requiring a self addressed stamped
envelope from anyone wanting a receipt for under $50.  For amounts over $50, 
a receipt will be given upon request.  Moved by David Towers, Seconded by 
Renee  Davis. No dissenting votes were cast. Motion carried.

Someone is needed to work with a Canadian Author on a 3-8000 word article 
about the Chebucto Free-Net for his book.  A first draft is needed by mid 
Dec.  The book should be out by the G7 conference.

There was some discussion of the brochures.  They should be updateable online.
This will be maintained under the communications area.

Freenet name:  We need to determine what our obligations are to NPTN as an 
operating freenet.  Ellen S. has the relevant documents.

The next two meetings will be  Tuesday October 25, and Wednesday Nov. 2.  
Same time, same place.

Regarding the demo to be held during sci-tech week, David Trueman will talk 
to Tom Regan and Bernie will be asked to help in making teachers aware.
The demo will be 7:30 on the 19th at the Dal. business school.

Laura Jantek asked that we endorse Joan B-H's application to sit on the 
provincial gov't committee with a letter of support.

It was mentioned that we need a volunteer coordinator.

Kevin Alexander James Nugent, aa006@chebucto.ns.ca
Board member, Metro [Halifax] Community Access Network Society.
Board member, Telecommunaute's Canada/Telecommunities Canada.
"Chebucto Free-Net, a new kind of community."

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