November 15, 1994

Date: Wed, 1 Mar 1995 22:15:58 -0400
From: Kevin Alexander James Nugent
To: board-minutes

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Metro Community Access Network Society
Board of directors meeting
November 15, 1994

Attending: Joan Brown-Hicks, David Murdoch, Renee Davis, Peter Henry,
David Trueman, Kevin Nugent, Hugh Wright.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved with some minor changes.

Hugh passed out copies of the new bylaws.

Peter Henry proposed a change to paragraph 27 in the bylaws.  After some 
discussion there was agreement on the final version of the bylaws.

Peter Henry moved that the bylaws be approved as amended at the meeting.
Seconded by David Trueman. No dissenting votes were cast.  Motion carried. 

There are two new shortcuts on the system: 'g bylaws', and  'g  agm'.  The
first takes the user to a copy of the new bylaws.  The second takes the 
user  to information on the agm.

Peter H. proposed that the board spend money on tee-shirts and mugs with
the Chebucto Free-Net logo on them.

AGM:  We will be setting up a registration  desk to record names of attendees.
A membership list will be needed to check  identities.  Forms should be 
provided  for new members to fill.  It  was also suggested that new members
be processed online as they join.

Hugh will create  a form for volunteers to fill out at the agm.

Volunteer jobs needed should be part of each committee's report.

Copies of the bylaws must be available for passing out.

The nominating committee wants  100(or so) word  biographies from all who are
going to stand for election.

Financial report @ AGM:  An income statement and balance sheet will be  
required.  David Towers  will post  a draft to be reviewed  online.

There  was a discussion on how much publicity we want for this meeting and
how to handle it.  A press release will be written for release after the 
meeting is over.  

There was discussion of whether the sponsors to date  should be invited  and
how such an invitation should  be worded.  A  note will be drafted  to send
to the sponsors. 

David Trueman suggested  that some  realtime reporters be found  to 
submit timely  reports on the meeting.  This would be different from the 
official minutes to be submitted.

Next board  meeting will be Thursday December the  1st.

Mugs 'n Tees:  Cost would be 8.00 for mugs and 3.00 for tees.  It was
decided that  we will order 200 tees and 300 mugs.  

A motion  was made  by David Trueman to advance a cheque to Peter Henry
for $1200(half the cost) for 200 tee shirts and 300  mugs with the 
CFN logo printed on them.

David Towers  needs a signor at the Bank of Montreal for a cheque.

There  was discussion of future  expenses and cash  flow.

David Trueman suggested  that where  the marginal cost to MetroCAN is low 
we should  do all we can to assist other areas in starting freenets.

Kevin Alexander James Nugent,
Board member, Metro [Halifax] Community Access Network Society.
Board member, Telecommunaute's Canada/Telecommunities Canada.
"Chebucto Free-Net, a new kind of community."

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