November 9, 1994

Date: Wed, 1 Mar 1995 22:19:57 -0400
From: Kevin Alexander James Nugent
To: board-minutes

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Metro Community Access Network Society
Board of Directors Meeting

Attending: Carlos F., Joan B-H., Bernie H., David M., Joan M., Renee D., 
Kevin N.

The agenda was discussed and an agreement was reached.
The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as we adjourned.

Joan reported that the library program room is available the entire week 
of December 5-9th.

Bernie H. reports that around 200 persons will have to be sent announcememts
of the meeting and the bylaw revisions by snail mail.

The membership committee recommends that institutional and other members who
donate $200 or more be given a framed certificate as acknowledgement.
A motion was made by Bernie Hart to give a certificate and frame plus a green
pages listing to any institutional member at a cost of $12 per framed 
certificate.  Renee Davis seconded the motion.  No dissenting votes were cast.
Motion was passed.

Bernie reminds that an organization can be a member of the society but that
an account may only be given to an individual.

There was discussion of what will constitute proof of parental approval of
minors' accounts.

Joan Macintosh volunteered to arrange the printing of bylaws for the 
snail mailout. She also suggested that those who get the bylaws by 
snailmail be thanked for their membership and offered assistance in using the

The board chose to hold the AGM on Thursday December 8 at 7:30 in the 
program room of the main library on Spring Garden Road.

There was some discussion of the latest version of the new bylaws.

Committee Reports:

All chairs are asked to submit reports to the cfn-board list.  An HTML
version should also be sent to David Murdoch who will place them in a 
public area.   The reports will be in this area on or before November
4th.  Please get your HTMLized version to David M. by November 18th.  
Consult the board archives for the proper format.  They sould be in point
form giving the highlights of the committee's activities in the past year.

New Bylaws: Bernie Hart asks that we delete reference to training or 
educational institutions in the definition of a student membership.

It is agreed that a quorum at any general meeting will be 20 persons.

The position of past chair will be created in the bylaws.

There was  discussion of the wording of the section on reporting the 
financial position of the society.  Kevin will ask Hugh to make this area
indicate that instead of auditors, there will be non-board reviewers 
checking and reporting on the financial status of the society.

It was decided to allow the person chairing a board meeting vote only in case
of a tie.

Hugh will be asked to have the final bylaws ready by the 14th of November.
Kevin will try to find out if the word "auditor" can be used in the bylaws
without any legal implications.

Conference:  Attending from the board  will be  Kevin, David Trueman,
David Murdoch, and Joan Brown-Hicks.  More will be urged to go if costs will
allow, or if they want to pay their own way.  Joan B-H would like to see
some volunteers going.  We'd definitely like to see Gerard M. there.  
It would be nice to see Bonny Lea and/or Carol Sin attend.

It was decided that Metro*CAN will volunteer to handle the cash at the 
conference.  This will include setting up a bank account and writing checks 
to reimburse attendees.  Kevin Nugent will ask David Towers how we should  
go about doing this.  Kevin will collect invoices and write checks at the 

A motion was made by David Murdoch that Metro*CAN agree to account for the 
receipts and expenditures, on behalf of the provincial umbrella group, at 
the provincial community networking conference to be held in Truro on 
November 25-26th, in accordance with what our treasurer recommends, and 
conditional upon a letter clarifying the purpose of the money.  The motion
was seconded by Joan Macintosh.  No  dissenting votes were cast. Motion 

Presentation at the conference:
There will be two time slots  at which a presentation can be done.  The first
is Friday afternoon.  The other is on Saturday at 8am.  There was some 
discussion on the content of these presentations.

Joan Macintosh requests some money to do some printing.  A motion was made by
Joan  Macintosh to authorize the communications committee to spend up to 
$500 for printing.  Bernie Hart seconded.  No dissenting votes were cast.
Motion passed.

Kevin was asked to get from David Towers an invoice for the past three months
worth of Gerard's salary, as well as all other expenditure items that are 
eligible for reimbursememt under our agreement with the province.

Joan Macintosh wants us to think about putting our public launch on the
board's agenda sometime soon.

PATs:  Sally Walker of the discovery center wants permission to use the cable 
for their PAT in a weather display before the PAT is in place.

The Dartmouth library wants approval for setting up 2 PCs as cable PATs.

Resource development:  The committee met recently.  Local companies were  
discussed in the context of soliciting for phone line sponsorships.  Several
options were discussed.  Larry Hicks has spoken with David M. recently and 
says that he's been talking with a local corporation about whether they are 
willing to donate any funds.

There was some discussion the procedures that should be followed by anyone
approaching government officials on behalf of the society.

Kevin Alexander James Nugent,
Board member, Metro [Halifax] Community Access Network Society.
Board member, Telecommunaute's Canada/Telecommunities Canada.
"Chebucto Free-Net, a new kind of community."

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