January 17, 1995

Date: Sun, 5 Mar 1995 17:05:42 -0400
From: Kevin Alexander James Nugent
To: board-minutes

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Metro Community Access Network Society
Board of directors meeting
January 17, 1995

Attending: All but Laura J. and Carlos F.

The agenda was reviewed and additions were made: David Tr. wanted a 
discussion on dialin limit policies.

The todo list was reviewed and revised.

Tee Shirts and mugs will be sold at the internet show. Peter H. will 
then take them for transfer to Halifax Cable on Monday.

BUDGET: The government 50k was discussed re: what has been claimed, how 
much still must be claimed, and how we will claim the rest.  It was 
decided that we will look over the proposal and itemize all categories 
that have legitimate expenses still unclaimed.  Then we will plan on 
revising the ratios if it is needed.  Joan BH pointed out that the government
must be billed as soon as possible.

LAUNCH: Joan M. suggested that it take the form of a birthday party in 
June.  There was discussion on this subject.

INTERNET SHOW: What is outstanding as far as planning is concerned?
David M. suggested that we supply a "pricelist" of suggested  and needed 
donations at the booth. Setup will be on Friday from 2-5. We need  
material to do a half hour presentation in the afternoon.  The subjects 
will be how to connect, what is happening with the Federation and TC, and 
some background on CFN and MetroCAN.

It was suggesred that for this years information rights week the premier 
be urged to get an email address.

VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR: laura is speaking  with Carole Compton-Smith about
this.  we should have a session with her and the board to get ideas and 
needs out into the open.  We need one with Gerard too.

STRATEGIC  PLANNING: The online session is going slowly. Joan BH 
mentioned that if we want a different facilitator for the upcoming  session we
should pick one.  It was decided to stick with Joan.

G7: If we want to hire someone it must be in writing  to the committee 
by Thursday;.  Joan M. suggested that someone could design a Quick 
Response Strategy/Team for short term events.  Whatever we do must bring  
G7  news to the public.  We will try to push CFN as THE electronic notice 
board for community  events  in relation to the G7.  We'll suggest a
community information coordinator at a rate of 30k per annum.

Dialin Limit Policies: David Tr. pointed out that it may be good to 
decide how to fairly allocate dialin time given the high demand and 
limited access. We will think about it in the coming weeks.

next meeting is STRATEGY at MCR, 7:00pm.  After that it's BOARD, at Merkel.
Kevin Alexander James Nugent, aa006@chebucto.ns.ca
Board member, Metro [Halifax] Community Access Network Society.
Board member, Telecommunaute's Canada/Telecommunities Canada.
"Chebucto Free-Net, a new kind of community."

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