March 14, 1995

Date: Mon, 15 May 1995 16:59:43 -0300
From: Kevin Alexander James Nugent
To: board-minutes

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Metro Community Access Network Society
Board of Directors Meeting
March 14, 1995

Attending:  Joan B-H., Joan M., David M., Dave To., David Tr., Kevin N.,
Bernie H.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

POLICY PAPER: The reply was discussed.   There was some discussion
on semantics and wording.  Cape Breton's silence to date was considered. 
The issue of compatibility between groups was raised by Lorne Ferguson. 
This seems to us to be simply a matter of letting the groups go through the
same early consolidation stages as ours did.  David TR specified that the
groups should all be interoperable and transparent in  their exchange of
information.  The way to do that *today* is through the WWW.

FINANCIAL REPORT:  Dave To. says that we are pretty well thru
spending the 50k from the government.  It was mentioned that we need a
statement of all of these transactions.  Dave says that the gov't presently
owes us about 10k.

June 15 will see a new stream of money coming in thru membership
renewals.  It will be small at first.

David M. stated that we need backup people for some of the key functions
such as those performed by David Tr. and Dave To.
Dave To. said that at some point the acconting should be done out of the
CFN office.
Bernie H. raised  the idea of a central administrative/technical function for
all provincial freenets.  Bernie left at 8:00

David Tr. believes that our revenue depends on the number of lines we
install.  We then discussed the plan to have 60 lines in place by Chebucto
Week.  The cost is essentially that of being 2 months early in installing these
lines.  That is $1200.  Our accountant approves of the idea.  David
Murdoch moved that we increase our lines to 60 by the beginning of
Chebucto Week.  Dave Towers seconded.  No dissenting votes were cast.
Motion was approved.

Joan M. distributed a handout with a schedule for that week and the
evening of the 7th.  We decided that there will be a press conference early
on, probably on the Friday preceeding.  Dal would be a good site.  Kevin
will poll Ottawa Toronto and Edmonton on their size in lines and users so
that we can make a statement on our relative size.
We decided to put a line sponsorship package together.  A person should be
assigned this task.
Someone should write up an analysis of our logfile stats.  A fact sheet. 
Some of our bigger IP's should be at the press conference with us.

LAUNCH:  The subject of an emcee was discussed.  Various names were
suggested.  John Dunsworth, Bill Carr, Frank Cameron, Brian Heighton,
Jamie Bradley, Don Tremain.  Joan B-H will approach CBC and Frank
Cameron about Frank being our emcee.

ESSAY CONTEST: No news.  Peter will be asked for an update.

Sponsors still need to be contacted.  Kevin will start an online discussion on
what names and addresses to include for verbal and hardcopy invitations.

Motion by  Dave Towers that Joan B-H be appointed co-chair of the
society.  Seconded by David M.  No dissenting votes were cast.  Motion

Joan B-H raised the subject of the stats  on usage of the library database. 
The library people are very impressed at how much it is being accessed. 
Joan asks if she can get a monthly summary of these stats?

TUNS OPEN HOUSE:  Will be on the 18th from 10 to 4.  There are 2 25
minute spots reserved for us to speak.  David Tr. will make a call for

There is a Technology exhibit planned for the G7.  We could try to be

Joan Macintosh wants to know how we can expand our ability to do demos
for groups.  David M. says we can start by trusting the abilities of persons
such as Matt. and Ben.  As far as equipment is concerned, David Tr. has an
old laptop at home.  We could also try to get some on loan from a company
wanting to call themselves sponsors.

Next weeks meeting will be Thursday March 23rd at Joan B-H's  home. 
Starting at 7:00.  Ross P. will make his presentation at 7:30.

Kevin Alexander James Nugent,
Board member, Metro [Halifax] Community Access Network Society.
Board member, Telecommunaute's Canada/Telecommunities Canada.
Chebucto Community Net running Chebucto Suite.

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