May 10, 1995

Date: Tue, 26 Sep 1995 23:46:49 -0300
From: Kevin Alexander James Nugent
To: board-minutes

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Metro Community Access Network Society
Board of Directors meetng
May 10, 1995

Attending:   Kevin, Peter, David M., David Tr., Dave To., Joan BH, Joan

Who's doing it?  Joan M. suggests that we email all members with an
announcement.  We need to plan the userhelp session more fully. There will
be an update to members of recent contract etc, news.  We'll need to plan
the date and place of the next meeting.

The agenda will be pretty small for now.  David Tr. suggests that we
priorize the vital subjects and be ready with smaller ones for slow periods.

What's discussed about each topic must be considered when we consider
what we'll be doing about membership fees.  The event will be catered by
us first time and we will look for a sponsor for future ones.  We should sell
mugs and tees as well as give away two door prizes.  The board need new

BOARD RESTRUCTURING:  Joan BH and David Tr. will meet weekly
and invite others to attend depending on what is on the plate at that time. 
We must figure out who will be in membership, personnel, etc, committees
and how they will all interact.

David Tr. and Gerard will create and exhaustive list of tasks then categorize
them according to whether they should be done by Gerard or by others. 
Carole will be important here as a lot of volunteer tasks will be identified.

Regardless of how this is all kicked off, a resource development group must
move ahead on the subject of funding.  Followup on whom to
ask and when.

KEVIN will take the existing business plan and ID what chunks will go to
what group to update/plan for the future.

Future meetings:  We will plan to meet semi-monthly.  Next week will be
the members' forum.  The 24th of may will be BOARD at Joan BH's.  June
7th and 21st will be BOARD as well.  The week of June 26th will be a
members' forum.

David Tr. and Dave To. have created a spreadsheet which uses active users
to drive figures on equipment needs and revenue by membership fees.
We  will want to see budgeted versus actual on a monthly and cumulative
basis.  David To. says he has a volunteer in mind who can help with this

NSTN: Dtr and JM. will do up an announcement on the FTP clause.

It is suggested that we hold a masthead competition.  Peter Henry will do a
workshop on this subject.

The subject of advanced lessons in HTML for $ was briefly mentioned.

A negotiating committee of David Tr., Renee D. and HW. was suggested.

Kevin Alexander James Nugent,
"All truth progresses through three stages:
- First it is ridiculed...
- then it is violently opposed...
- finally, it is accepted as self evident."
                                     -- Arthur Schopenhauer

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