May 03, 1995

Date: Tue, 26 Sep 1995 23:44:42 -0300
From: Kevin Alexander James Nugent
To: board-minutes

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Metro Community Access Network Society
Board of Directors Meeting
Wednesday May 3, 1995

Attending:Kevin N., Carlos F., Laura J., Joan B-H., David M., Joan M.,
Peter H., David Tr., Dave To., Bernie H.

David Tr. will be posting info to HOT TOPICS after the meeting. 
Carlos commented that a lot has changed over the past year since we now
actually have constituents.
David Tr. has promised some type of membership meetings.

User help sessions will be arranged to go along with some face to face
social meetings among society members.  This will happen on a monthly
basis.  The first meeting will be set up by us and one of the society 
members will be asked to scout out 10 or so sites for future meetings.

There was discussion of a newsletter for members of the society.  Joan M.
has lined up a possible editor for this newsletter.

A comment mechanism is needed for bringing matters to the attention of
the board.  This is not so much userhelp as it is a way to share input on
decision making.

Membership fee:
A survey of sorts must be done to measure response to a fee hike.
David Tr. points out that f2f's are best for contentious issues while data
gathering is best done electronically.

The plan, there fore is to have the issue discussed at a "coffee club" 
meeting first, then to create and issue a survey, then to proceed with 
an electronic vote by members.  The survey will be in the form of an online 
form to be announced by email. Various possibilities were discussed such 
as semi annual membership installments and different fees for 

David Tr.explained the situation.  The decision was made that we will not
make public the details of the contract but that we will try to make future
contracts publically available.

It was decided that we will not ask for an extension to the ftp workaround
since it puts NSTN in a difficult situation.  NSTN will be sent notice that
this will be our announcement.

The first membership meeting was discussed.  Joan M. will make a tentative
date.  May 17 is our first preference.

Dave To. needs receipts to complete the invoicing for the government
money.  Bernie suggested that the executive meet sometime soon, perhaps
on a Saturday morning, to do a budget for the coming year.
Dave To showed a balance sheet and income statement fot the first three
months of the year.

There will be six committees divided into three teams:

David M. will oversee PAT's and community outreach;
Joan M. will oversee communications and fundraising;
and Bernie H. will oversee volunteers and membership.

The board will have 2/month.
The executive will have 2/month and will act as an executive director.

More work will be needed to define levels and functions more clearly.

Bernie suggests it will take a full day for the board to sit down alone and get
the new structure on paper.

Next meeting will be at Joan B-H's on Wednesday May 10th at 7:00pm.

Kevin Alexander James Nugent,
"All truth progresses through three stages:
- First it is ridiculed...
- then it is violently opposed...
- finally, it is accepted as self evident."
                                     -- Arthur Schopenhauer

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