June 20, 1995

Date: Tue, 26 Sep 1995 23:55:15 -0300
From: Kevin Alexander James Nugent
To: board-minutes

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Metro Community Access Network Society
Board of director meeting
June 20, 1995

Attending:  Kevin N., Bernie H., Renee D., David Tr., Joan M., Laura J., 
Peter H., Hugn W.

The agenda was discussed and finalized.

Joan M. has gotten a society member eager to organize a ballgame this summer.

A replacement for David M. has yet to be gotten.

Peter H. and Laura J. will sit on the nominating committee and ask Bonny 
L. to participate as well.  Several potential nominees were discussed.  A 
target date will have to be set.

JM has got a format laid out.  Peter Henry will do design for the newsletter.

INTERNET SHOW: Joan M. can't attend.

G7:  10 of the media accounts created were  used.  Some lessons were 
learned about the website.  8000 accesses per day were recorded during 
the event.  It's down to 3000/day now.  We feel that CCN and the daily 
news benefitted from the event.

Victoria:  Kevin will find out if he is funded  to attend.

David Tr. will be doing a 45 minute presentation on Csuite plus one on how to 
start a freenet.  He wants to install Csuite as part of his presentation.

We need a standard credit to Csuite to go on sites using it.

Summer Personnel:  Gerard needs to offload work in order to get other 
work done. Bernie H. may have a name for us.  It was suggested Gerard 
could do his work outside the office.  Who will man the office in that 
case.  Several possibilities were suggested.

A motion was made by BH to authorize David Tr. and David To to spend up 
to $3500 on 3 staff members for the summer.  Seconded by LJ. passed.

NSFCN: A meeting is scheduled for July 7-8.  9 communities are coming so 
far.  The agenda will cover the policy paper, structure and function of 
the board, and the role of the department of education among other subjects.
2 reps per sytem will be invited.  A CCN offer of help to other systems 
will be prepared and made to the meeting.
David Tr. suggested that we start urging a deal on cost sharing startups.  
site/province/private sector partner rations should be considered.  Once 
this is done a meeting with Tony L. and/or Robbie H. should be set.

NET NEGOTIATIONS: Notice has been sent to NSTN.

COMMERCIAL CONTENT: our policy must be clarified and articulated.

SL/IP: It costs to provide it. (10k/yr?)  Nonforwarding SL/IP  could get 
around one problem.


NEXT MEETINGs: July 4 @ Bernie's.  directions to come.
               July 8 @ Joan M's.  ditto.

The issue of a questionable action by one of our users will be dealt 
with by sending a letter to the user with a CC to to co-signors of the 
party's user agreement.

Kevin Alexander James Nugent, aa006@chebucto.ns.ca
"All truth progresses through three stages:
- First it is ridiculed...
- then it is violently opposed...
- finally, it is accepted as self evident."
                                     -- Arthur Schopenhauer

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