july 18, 1995

Date: Tue, 26 Sep 1995 23:59:29 -0300
From: Kevin Alexander James Nugent
To: board-minutes

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Metro Community Access Network Society
Board of Directors meeting

Attending: Kevin N., Renee D., David Tr, Joan B-H., Laura
J., Joan M., Bernie H., Carlos F., Peter H.

EVALUATION COMMITTEE: Met on Monday the 17th.  Set out
tasks for various sections of the RFP.  A draft will be
posted next Monday.  Approval will be given online.

NOMINATION COMMITTEE:  Several names have been given as
possible replacements for David M.   The leading
candidate will be asked to accept the position and the
second choice will be kept in reserve.

NEWSLETTER: Joan M. is waiting for "operations" and "tips
for newbies" to be submitted.  Graphics are in the
process of being completed.

PICNIC:  August 3, at Point Pleasant Park. 4-8pm.  Rain
date will be one week later.

NSFCN: 8 Community Nets, Marion Pape and Tony Lamport
were in attendance.  Antigonish is online.  Annapolis is
in the process of organizing.  Bridgewater has a group
organizing.  Cape Breton has been online since June.  Fee
is $96/yr.  They will have PAT's without Email as their
public component.  The Strait area, Wolfville and
Kentville are organizing as well.

The province will have some conditions for supplying
funding for any NSFCN/Chebucto proposal.  They will not
be willing to fund startups again.

CCN will be looking for a meeting with the government on
placing the PATS province wide.  This should come about
by September.

MEMBERSHIP: Renewal notices have been created.  A letter
urging non-member users to join has been written.  All
are asked to read and critique these letters: Donor
categories for members have been suggested.  What would
they  benefit?  We need to start to drive for business
and organizational funding.

The board decided to approve in principal the idea of
"supporting" membership category.  

Carlos moved and Laura seconded, that the board approve
the letter to expiring members.  The motion was passed
with no dissention.

David Tr. suggested a policy on termination of inactive
accounts after 6 months.

- Termination of account will not happen if holder is a
society member.
- The six month clock on inactive accounts will begin on
a  member account as soon as the membership expires.

Kevin N. moved that this policy be approved and
implemented.  BH seconded.  The motion was passed with no

HRD: David Tr. explained "Canwork Net" a proposed Federal
site  witth countrywide resources linked.  The feds are
seeking provincial partners.  David Tr. suggested that a
nationwide IP committee of committees be used to get to 
national IP's.

TC:  Kevin explained the current state of TC as well as
the low registration to date for the conference in
Victoria.  David Tr. suggested that if an urgent notice
is sent to can-freenet and other fora that he would
follow up with an exhortation to register and attend. 
Kevin N. will ask that the registration form be

NEXT MEETING: Aug 8. at Carlos F.'s home.

David Tr. stated that  we will need to buy disks to
upgrade over the summer.  Peter H. moved that we
authorize David Tr. to spend monies as he sees fit for
the purpose of upgrading hardware.  Carlos F. seconded. 
Motion was passed with no dissent.

Kevin Alexander James Nugent, aa006@chebucto.ns.ca
"All truth progresses through three stages:
- First it is ridiculed...
- then it is violently opposed...
- finally, it is accepted as self evident."
                                     -- Arthur Schopenhauer

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