Sept. 26, 1995

Date: Thu, 14 Dec 1995 01:36:07 -0400
From: Kevin Alexander James Nugent
To: public archive of board minutes

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Metro Community Access Network Society
Board of Directors meeting

ATTENDING: Kevin N., Joan M., Bernie H., David Towers, Gary
Floyd, David Trueman, Joan Brown-Hicks.

NSFCN: A collective response was discussed to the Education
Department's provincewide e-mail plan.  The federation will
endorse CCN's participation.

Windsor, Yarmouth, and Bridgewater will incubate with CCN
while Kentville and Antigonish will go it alone.

     HRD: They are willing to fund another federation
meeting.  They want to move ahead with community nets
facilitating their job centres.  There was discussion of CCN
submitting a draft proposal to HRD.

Some discussion of CAP funding and how to arrange sharing
between community nets.

WORD ON THE STREET: There was a good volunteer turnout. 
Hardware was supplied from Apple.  A chat was facilitated by
CityTv in Toronto.

CONTRACT: Hugh drew up a contract which isis has agreed to
verbally.  Regrets have been sent to [someone] and [someone].  One reply 
has been received from [someone].  There was discussion of whether to 
reply back.  David Tr. will discuss it with Renee and Hugh first.

DISCLOSURE OF CONTRACT INFO: The agreement is that we will
try not to, but the decision is ours.

We would like to know if ISP's in the metro area are paying
centrex rates for their data lines.

There was some discussion of putting a member of isis on one
of our committees, perhaps the technical committee.  David
Trueman said that we definitely want to ask them for regular
feedback on how our relationship is coming along.  Once we
have signed we plan to have the board meet with some of their
staff for a get acquainted session.

There was discussion of preparing a list of persons who will
help first timers set their computers up for using CCN.  They
would charge a fee and it would be requested that a small
portion would go to CCN.

RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT:  JoanMac handed out a list of tasks
that should be begun.

ACTION:  David Towers will open a visa account at a credit
union after shopping around for rates.  We'll look into pre-
authorized payment once the credit account is settled.

MEMBERSHIP:  Renewals year over year:   June - 101 original
memberships, 62 renewals.  July - 91/62, August - 143/92.

Membership forum is planned for the end of October.

NEXT MEETING is planned for Oct. 10, 7:00 at Joan B-H's home.

Membership committee wants a link to membership placed very
close to the home page. A prompt will be given to lapsed
members which can be stopped by e-mail.

Additional Categories:

SUPPORTING: $50  You get a personalized username, lapel pin.
There was agreement that the unwaged category should be
modified to be $12 "or what you can pay."  There was also
some discussion of counting volunteer hours toward

Kevin Alexander James Nugent,
"All truth progresses through three stages:
- First it is ridiculed...
- then it is violently opposed...
- finally, it is accepted as self evident."
                                     -- Arthur Schopenhauer

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