April 13, 1994

Date: Thu, 22 Sep 1994 11:32:39 -0300
From: Kevin Alexander James Nugent
To: board-minutes

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Draft Minutes
Metro Community Access Network Society
Board of Directors meeting.
April 13, 1994. 7:00pm

Attending: David Murdoch, David Trueman, Rand Cooper, Renee Davis,
Joan Brown-Hicks, Kevin Nugent, Ellen Sherlock.

Not in Attendance: Connie Carruthers, Carlos Freitas, Peter Henry,
Laura Jantek, Paul Skeffington.

     * It was agreed that since we are pressed for time as well as
seeing low attendance, that the meeting would wrap up by 9:00.

     * Discussions began on the present board membership.  Paul
Skeffington has suggested that his energy may be put to better use
in an area other than that as board member and Treasurer.  A couple
of names have been suggested as possible considerations for the
position of Treasurer and/or member of the Finadmin committee.
Kevin N. plans to meet one of these persons, David Towers, on
Thursday April 14th to discuss the needs of the committee, the
society, and the board.  Mr Towers is a CA. David Murdoch has had
contact with another person, a CMA named Michael Fredericks, who is
also interested in being involved at one or more of these
positions.  I will get a number from David Murdoch and make contact
with this person as well.

     * Discussion continued on how to allow the board to meet these
new persons as well as how to set up a system for acknowledging and
keeping informed those who have paid membership fees and/or
donations.  Work will begin on entering data on all memberships
with plans to consolidate them into a database to be designed
later.  Tony Lamport will be asked to find volunteers for this

     * David Trueman offered a brief explanation of the offer made
by two local cable companies.  Discussion included the dollar
numbers and how specific they are.  It was agreed to reply with the
message that the offer is being considered.

     * Go public via dialup as soon as possible.

###  * Seriously consider the cable offer.###

     * Everything you decide must work as well for 10,000 as
       for 100.
     * IP's will always need their hands held as far as training is
     * Incorporate and limit the liability of the directors.
     * Don't get into commercial use.
     * Ask MT&T to make us a testbed.
     * Don't let elections decimate the entire board/executive in
       one year.
     * Don't run a mailing list when a newsgroup/SIG will do the

April 19th - Board at library: 4-6pm
April 26th - Committees at library: 4-6pm
May 11, 25 - Board at site to be decided

Default day of week for board meetings switched from Wednesday to

     * Committees are asked to post a progress report to cfn-
interest in the near future.  Include tasks needed and volunteers
needed for each committee.
     * Demo for city managers will be tentatively scheduled for May

Adjourned @ 9:30

Kevin Alexander James Nugent, aa006@chebucto.ns.ca
Board member, Metro Community Access Network Society.
Board member, Telecommunaute's Canada/Telecommunities Canada.
"Chebucto Freenet, a new kind of community."

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