May 03, 1994

Date: Thu, 22 Sep 1994 16:06:34 -0300
From: Kevin Alexander James Nugent
To: public archive of board minutes

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Metro Community Access Network Society
Board of Directors Meeting.  May 3, 1994
Halifax City Regional Library 4-6pm.

Attending: David Trueman, David Murdoch, Ellen Sherlock, Rand Cooper Carlos
Freitas, Kevin Nugent, Peter Henry, Laura Jantek.

1.  Agenda proposed by David Trueman and accepted by consensus.

Matters arising from minutes:  It was suggested that a date be made for the
nominating committee to meet Mr. David Towers by Thursday of this week.

The minutes were tabled and accepted by consensus.

2. Ellen Sherlock asked that the communications committee be allocated funds 
to purchase stationery and rubber stamps.

Peter Henry moved that $200 be allocated to Ellen Sherlock to use at her
discretion.  Seconded by Kevin Nugent.  Passed.

David T. David M. and Joan Brown-Hicks represented CFN.  Pat Melski, Harry
Woodman represented Cape Breton.  There was a representative from Seaside
Cable in Sydney.  Bernie Hart, Ivor Harrington, John Fanning, Anne Thomas,
Ken Littlepage, and Bruce Findlay represented the government.

Handouts distributed included CFN's response to the Nordicity report, the 
outreach and economic development sections of the business plan, the letter
from SUN Microsystems, and the letter from Montreal FreeNet.

A brief demo was given.  Ivor Harrington stated that a proposal for interim  
funding should be prepared together with Cape Breton.  This will be developed
online.  On May 17 the rough proposal will be taken to Ivor Harrington who
will advise on presenting it properly.

There was some discussion of how we should justify the funds to be requested
in specific budget items.  David Murdoch suggested  that we ask the 
government to subsidise the internet connection.

We will prepare a draft proposal and sent it to Cape Breton to suggest 

Representing CFN were Joan Brown-Hicks, David T. David M. and Ellen Sherlock.
Also in attendance were Todd Brown, Dan McKeen, Bernie Hart, Mr. Edward 
C. Wilton, President Integrated Open Systems Limited (Sun's Authorized 
Independent Sales Organization), and Mr. Garry Mees, Director Corporate 
Development Sun Microsystems of Canada, Inc.

A demo of the system was given followed by some discussion.  The 
representatives at SUN were impressed with what has been developed.

...are ongoing with NSTN.  There is a need to identify what CFN has the right
to offer and what is out of bounds/commercial.

Fundraising needs help.  volunteers requested.  Peter H. suggested Joan be
asked to join the committee.  A donation package for collecting and different
sponsorship programs were discusseed.

It was agreed that we need some big "anchor" type IP's.  CBC and the Daily 
News or other local paper were suggested for solicitation.

Rand asked for approval to write a note thanking J.D. MacCulloch for waiving
table fees at the recent SIANS conference.  Consensus given.
Launch and steps leading to it were  discussed.  David Trueman pointed out
that most everything is **almost** in place and this should be emphasized in
a newsletter to the users and society members

Adjournment at 6:00

Kevin Alexander James Nugent,
Board member, Metro Community Access Network Society.
Board member, Telecommunaute's Canada/Telecommunities Canada.
"Chebucto Freenet, a new kind of community."

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