May 31, 1994

Date: Sun, 25 Sep 1994 13:50:24 -0300
From: Kevin Alexander James Nugent
To: public archive of board minutes

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Metro Community Access Network Society
Board of Directors Meeting
May 31, 1994 7:15-9:30pm
Craig St. Halifax

Attending:Kevin Nugent, Dave Towers, Renee Davis, Ellen Sherlock,
Carlos Freitas, David Murdoch, Tony Lamport, Laura Jantek, David

Laura opened by asking that we be sure to notify Ken Burke whether
or not meetings are to be held in the program room during the 4-6pm time 

Gerard McNeil will be asked to set up an alias where minutes can be
mailed for archiving.

Minutes from the last two meetings were tabled.  Movement to
approve the minutes was made by Laura Jantek, Seconded by Ellen
Sherlock.  No dissenting votes cast.  Motion carried.

Will get a contract written up and send it to the board to study
and make recommendations on approval.  It was felt among the
members that we should have a lawyer to look at the document before
it is signed.  Several possibilities were discussed on this matter.

Several different options were discussed on how the system should
go online unofficially.  David T. mentioned that there are some
systems that are not yet in place for registration and tracking of
members.  General agreement was that we will set a date tonight.

Public access terminal (1ST)
Cable installation and testing.
Modems and phone lines.
Contacting of IP's to inform them of the development.
Coordination of volunteer lists.

Discussion centered on the placing of the first PAT in the library. 
The Discovery Center was also raised as a possible first site. 
Hardware needs were also discussed.   We will need a 486 for all
Cable serviced PAT's.
The need to man a help desk was mentioned.  David Murdoch suggested
that we hold sessions at the library.  Laura will bring the subject
up with Joan.  David T. suggested that we put each of the above
mentioned launch items with a person and proceed with setting a

Contact Cable--David T.
Contact STD and other OEM's re:486--David M.
Contact Discovery Ctr.--Carlos.
Mailout to membership--Ellen.
Locate PAT site in library--Laura.
Revise user registration--David T.
Contact IP's --Carlos.
Connect instruction writing/recruitment of testers--Ellen and

The latest demo was small but full of high quality attendees.  The
Daily News and the People With Aids Coalition were directly
interested in getting some involvement.  It was suggested that the
next one be fully booked before the date is set.  Also suggested
was that it be held in the library in the evening.
The city of Halifax MIS department has been in contact with David
T. in the past week.

Mike Martineau and Bruce Findlay were updated on our progress after
making inquiries.  We will put the long and short term proposals
into a package and make them official tomorrow.

Tony Lamport suggested that the people at Community Economic
Development may be interested in what we are doing.  Their method
of funding is to provide matching funds to qualified programs.  An
update of our progress along with info on Chebucto Suite will be
sent to Art Baptiste.

A few inquiries from members wanting info on progress are still
A letter will be sent to Paul Skeffington thanking him for his
participation and inviting him to continue his involvement whenever
he can.

We will have a display booth at the Novaknowledge stakeholders
assembly.  All board members are urged to attend at some point.

     Halifax Presbytery communication committee has expressed
interest.  Ellen Sherlock stated that the local Bhuddist community
may be another eager participant once informed.

David Murdoch met with Long Distance Matters.  They were given info
on the FreeNet.  They showed some interest.

Tony is actively gathering names.  He has started his own database
while he is apart from the system.  He handed out a standard
request for volunteers form for committees to fill out.

Had the first  training session recently.  Gerard will do one every
Thursday from 7-9:30 for the next five weeks.  It was suggested
that we invite Tom Regan to an upcoming one.
We will need login info brochures to be made up.

Modems have been priced and the best buy seems to be US mail order. 
The priority now is user registration and the calendar of events.

Tony asked what the priority need is for volunteers.  David T. said
that we'll need support and the manning of a helpline.
David Murdoch asked that we assemble a fundraising package for
various needs.

David T. asked that we give progress reports on this list every
three days until the launch.

Kevin Alexander James Nugent,
Board member, Metro Community Access Network Society.
Board member, Telecommunaute's Canada/Telecommunities Canada.
"Chebucto Freenet, a new kind of community."

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