IP Committee Meeting

July 13, 2000
Seminar Room 1
Computer Science Building
Dalhousie University

Minutes 2000713


Doug McCann
Mark Rushton
Mike Cormier
Leo Deveau
Johnathan Thibodeau

Committee Structure

Mike Cormier was introduced as the new Vice Chair Internal. Responsible areas include area editors, IP editors and basic internal relations.

Mark Rushton is the Vice Chair External. Responsibile areas include relationships with all areas external to IP Committee, including volunteers, Information Providers, other CCN committees.

We still require a Secretary and a Features Editor.

Webmaster Role

The new board appointment of Webmaster was discussed, and the relationship with the Editor-in-Chief defined. The EIC is responsible and has full authority for the web site. See Editorial Policy posted on the web. When there are issues and differences in opinion the Webmaster will mediate the discussion, and arbirate where necessary.


There is a need for the IP Committee to get involved and plan for major events such as Word-on-the-Street.

IP Process

David Potter was expected to provide a report on the IPDB update project. Unfortunately, he was unable to attend.