Deactivating An Account

Deactivating accounts is one thing we'd rather not do. Deactivating and deleting an account is a rather permanent, heavy handed course of action. So, let us propose a few common scenarios and solutions

I'm going away for a while.
1) Unsubscribe from all your mailing lists so you don't go over quota and miss personal mail or use [gforward] to redirect your mail to where you will be going. If you were to delete the account, you should still unsubscribe yourself so that mail won't bounce.
I don't use/need the account anymore.
Consider whether there are other benefits to your account that you haven't discoverd and explored yet. We provide excellent access to community information whether schedules or contacts, an avenue through which to make friends and contribute to your community. If you really, really are sure then a system admin can make your account invisible to the casual user and disable the password.
My name is changing.
See Changing Your Name
You are receiving recurring, unpleasant email.
Contact the office at or call (902) 494-2449. Your privacy will be carefully respected and an administrator will assess the situation and discuss a solution with you. Don't let abusive or irresponsible users cut you off from your community.
There are duplicate accounts in my name.
Generally, we assign you the earlier (alphabetically first) of the accounts and disable the latter. Send mail to office describing the two duplicate accounts and which one you are using currently. We may be able to transfer the account to an immediate family member when accompanied by a signed user agreement and a cheque for membership (The extra processing takes paid staff time).

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