Structure of Support and Training

Support and Training Committee
Chair: Robert Currie
mailing list and archive: ccn-sat.

(The Terms of Reference for the Support and Training Committee are also available.)

Support and Training Teams
(Team Leader Job Descriptions and Volunteer Tasks are also available.)

User Training
Team Leader: Clive Bagley
mailing list(s): trainers, training.

Information Provider Training
Team Leader: Bob Adams
mailing list(s): trainers, training.

Team Leader: Norman De Forest
mailing list(s): userhelp, help-answers.

Help Documentation
Team Leader: David Potter
mailing list(s): helpdoc (formerly helpdesk), csuite-doc.

Public Access Terminals Training
Team Leader: Doug Rigby
mailing list: pat.

Support and Training Special Projects

User Guide
Project Leader:
mailing list(s):

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