Following up to a correct (but incomplete) response

When reading a response, you may catch something that the previous volunteer missed. When you followup, it is important to be polite and show support for the other volunteers. You can do this by saying something like this.
"As a followup to what [name] said, here is some additional information which may be helpful to you ....."
This will show that the team works together, and will provide a complete answer for the user asking the question.

Responding to a message containing error

As volunteers, we all make mistakes in replies from time to time. Again, it is important to show support to other userhelp volunteers by being polite. When you see a message which contains an error, email that person privately with a message like this:
"When I read your response, I noticed it contained the following error(s). ... Here is an answer which is more accurate. Would you like to followup this message, or would you like me to do it?"
Taking the time to be polite shows respect for all concerned.
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