Maintain an Attitude of Politeness

The User Help Team is all volunteers. However, we still represent CCN. Until they learn otherwise, many new users to CCN think we are the administrators, so anything we say reflects on CCN as a whole. Therefore, all answers to questions should be polite, and be helpful to the user.

Humour must be used carefully, if at all. What might be funny to us might not seem funny to a new and frustrated user with a problem.

Study the CCN user agreement, by using the 'g' shortcut command 'g agreement'. Avoid giving an answer which may suggest violation of user policy.

If someone sends a message to Userhelp asking how to beat the system, please do not guess or give your personal opinion. It may not support the user agreement re: policy. If you are not sure, please say so, then point them to the user agreement.

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