Draft Documentation standards - December 8, 1993

1) All help documentation should be written using html formatting
with links for entry into Chebucto FreeNet.

2) Press means: touch a key; use all caps to name key (e.g. Press
ENTER -- touch the ENTER key).

3) Type means: touch each key (e.g. Type enter -- touch e, n, t,
e, r).

4) Use italics to indicate keystrokes.
(in html use "angle bracket i angle bracket" at the beginning
and "angle bracket slash i angle bracket" at the end, even though it might 
not appear on many displays)

5) Use ENTER and RETURN.

6) Where possible, help documents should have three parts:
     a) an introduction, which provides background, theory;
     b) step-by-step instructions;
     c) trouble-shooting guide.

7) Where possible, use short, direct statements; avoid the
passive case.