CSuite Workshop - June 18, 1997

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CSuite Progress

Bugs continue to be swatted, as we near completion of 1.0 Beta 2

Andrew will prepare a prioritized list of documents that need revision and update.

James will prioritize the Bug List and finalize it with David Trueman. Generally bugs first, robustness second but not forgotten.

Andrew will collect and prioritize a list of CCN Issues. Input from the affected committees will be needed.

Where documentation can be expected to change soon, or is not yet ready in both languages, we will put in links to documents at Chebucto, rather than include incomplete or out-of-date documents in the distribution.

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CCN Upgrade

New plans for CCN upgrade
  1. Ultra-Sparc server for www.chebucto.ns.ca
    Running CSuite 1.0 / Solaris
    The easiest part of the load to shift :-)
    Then move mail
    Fund-raise for next phase
  2. New modems and additional disk space
    Run two servers in "parallel"
    Allow dial-in to some users
    Shared files between old and new systems
    Test CSuite 1.0 Solaris under active load
  3. Migrate some more modems and some disks to new server
    Temporarily, to allow software upgrade to old host
    Performance will be reduced while old host is off-line
  4. Upgrade old host to Solaris, CSuite 1.0
    Probably a couple of days
    Some testing will be needed
  5. Split load between two systems
    Load balancing will be a fine art :-)
    Final configuration will depend on performance
We plan to have the upgrade as the main topic for next meeting.

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Summer Students and Other Developments

David Murdoch reported on a number of issues which will have an impact over the summer.

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