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CSuite Workshop - August 20, 1997

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Conference report: Telecommunities Canada 97

TC97 has been very successful, on the basis of comments received by those of us who attended as presenters and volunteers.

Friday's CSuite Workshop was a success, with attendance by 14 network people from across Canada (from BC to Newfoundland) and the US, and several observers. The lecture sessions went well, with special thanks for Jamie keeping one step ahead of Andrew :-) The practical session had a few glitches, especially with administrative permissions, and X-terminals acting up, but otherwise went very well also.

Industry Canada announced, with a news release, [search for 7712 / chercher pour 7712] their support for CSuite as community networking software. In another action, a MOU was signed between Telecommunities Canada and Industry Canada that may provide additional support.

CCN, CSuite, and TC97 received exposure on radio and television.

We are looking forward to possible funding for further work on internationalization of CSuite, to increase the French and other language capabilities.

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MHonArc Mailing List Archiver

We have reports of a new mailing-list archiver, MHonArc from University of California at Irvine, which is reported to have certain advantages, including support for expiry, MIME attachments, configurable HTML generation, and more. Examples can be found at that site and at the International Development Research Centre mail archives, where you can see both mhonarc and hypermail archives. Carrie will try the package out on csuite.

Concerns were raised as to its handling of deletion of items, and aged archives.

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Language Selection

There are reports of inconsistent behaviour of the automatic language selection facility as implemented on RCC. Andrew will explore and summarize, others please contribute their experience.

Cgi-bin scripts need a language preference, we should be able to set that up in the apache configuration files, since the server is language aware.

Pine has experienced problems, especially switching back to the earlier version. Messages containing Content-type="text/USASCII" may cause 3.91 to combine messages. A number of bugs have been fixed on the distribution version, the new version will be installed on CCN with an announcement to beta-pine, requesting testing, especially of known bugs, with the exception of the Bounce problem. A decision is planned for next week whether to continue testing.

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CCN Issues

David Trueman will investigate the problem of IP subdirectory editing not working with the Youth Poetry Archive

David Trueman will look at the mail traffic report.

David Murdoch will arrange for the creation of a new mailing list, ccn-operations, for the heavy reporting traffic that is currently going to ccn-tech and office.

Ed Dyer is looking at the graphical reports generated for the Kayhay ISP system.

Deletion of users remains unresolved.

CCN is preparing for a funding drive, which may have some technical implications.

New features list: ud6 provides a method to extract lists of users based on various criteria, placing the data for each user on a separate line.

Moderated Mailing lists: how well do we do them? David Potter will investigate, analyze and characterize this issue.

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CCN upgrade

The hardware for CCN's new server has arrived! An Ultrasparc with a 2.1 Gb drive, it has Solaris installed. There will be a big /csuite partition.

The plan is for Jamie, DavidT, and Trent to do

and see where to go from there.

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