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CSuite Development Workshop - January 20, 1998

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Equipment Donation

Prior Data Sciences, through Chris Maxwell, has donated several pieces of equipment to CCN.

These include

Our Thanks to Prior for these items which will speed the development of our new server system and the CSuite development environment.

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Volunteer Needs

The board has appointed a Volunteer Committee, with responsibility to determine CCN's volunteer needs and to direct volunteers to appropriate teams.

The Technical/Development Team needs to report its needs to that committee, through our Team Leader (D Trueman). Please bring suggestions to David's attention, or to the next meeting.

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Challenge to Members

It has been repeatedly noted that our CSuite scripts tend to be very weak in documentation. While we do not want to see trivial annotations, it would be useful to describe interactions with other scripts and databases, and the purpose and logic of sections of the code, and to explain parts which might be either standard CSuite usage or particularly abstruse or elegant.

Of course, the annotations should conform to the requirements of the source browser, as described in previous Workshop Notes, so that it can pick out essential notes.

Here's the Challenge

Take a script, analyze it, and add commentary to it. Bring the script for discussion to our meeting.

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CCN Upgrade

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