Chebucto Suite Workshop

1998 09 08  Chase 4:30 pm


Mail Problem
The Big Switch

Mail Problem

A mailing list went wild on Friday and filled up the mail partition with a debug file of 300 MB.
Users' mailboxes were corrupted when attempting to write out the mailbox on exit.
A combined effort by Kassiem, Michael, David Potter and others was able to bring the problem under control, and repair the approximately 200 mailboxes affected, using at least 6 hours of volunteer time.

Several questions were raised by this incident:

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The BIG Switch

Issues remaining before undertaking the switch The actual switch will be performed Saturday, if satisfactory testing results are achieved between Wednesday and Friday.
Decision time is Friday afternoon. If the decision is made to go, we will retain old chebucto in condition to allow immediate reversion should it become needed over the next few days, and of course, to allow backing out of the transfer if necessary.


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