Chebucto Suite Workshop June 19, 1996

June 19, 1996


Technical Liaisons

It is proposed that the working committees of Chebucto Community Network be assigned 2 "Technical Liaisons" from the CSuite Workshop, whose purpose would be to interface between the committee and ccn-tech on committee issues, to document technical issues, and to follow up any items that arise.


IP committee and Editors
Tony Cianfaglione, Gerard MacNeil
Tony Cianfaglione
Policy and Information Committee
Ed Dyer, Chris Maxwell
Membership Committee
Carlos Freitas
Volunteer Committee
Gerard MacNeil
Virtual Community Nets
David Murdoch, David Trueman + 1 each
Tony Cianfaglione
Blaine Murphy, Landon Boyd, David Trueman
Doug Rigby, Tony Cianfaglione
Doug Rigby, Trent MacDougall
David Potter, Andrew Irwin
Mailing Lists
David Potter
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Alpha 4.1 Plans

David Potter has been monitoring requests for Alpha 4 Distribution. Problems are being resolved as they are reported. Every requester has been added to the csuite-install mailing list, to provide a communication and support route. We have received surprisingly little feedback to date, suggesting that either the test installs have gone swimmingly well, or perhaps many were not actually ready to install.

Major problems so far have related to missing software (RCS, debug) and the differences between Bison and YACC.

Alpha 4.1 Bug-fix release is planned for late June, which will resolve most of the issues reported. New features and better documentation will be added for Alpha 5, later this summer.
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Public Access Terminals

Alderney PAT 2 is nearly ready, and is waiting on installation of the new 2-port cable-modem, which may serve both PAT's at that location.

Problems with slow response on Alderney-1 appear (later) to be related to the small memory of the machine (only 8 Mb), as much swapping was observed when remotely monitoring the system. Recommend trying 16 Mb.

Chris Travers plans on looking at newer versions of Linux, and also the Charlotte's Web Kiosk software, for next week.
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Yarmouth Update

David Murdoch is continuing as liaison with the Yarmouth group.

We need to document the features of the system for new users. David Murdoch and Landon will start an outline of the hidden functionality of the system, including the office functions.

The information in the /faq/ directory should be useful in this task. Tony is looking at needed updates to these files.
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Update Logging

After the 4.1 release, a new scheme for Logging any changes to the system will be implemented. If a directory contains a ".csuite" file, it will be maintained under the src/ directory tree. Control of the system relies upon keeping the presence of the flag file up-to-date, present in directories that will be distributed, and absent in directories with local or time-sensitive content.

Installs and updates will be logged in two places: in the log file /ccn/dist/log, using a format of:

	More comments...


Simultaneously, the individual log entry will be mailed to ccn-tech under the Subject of $SHORT_NAME-update-file or $SHORT_NAME-install-file, as the case may be

A convention of using twin ## to set off documentation sections was noted.

It is hoped that this will encourage us to be more accountable in our work, as well as provide the raw material for release notes for subsequent releases.
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Auto Home Page script

Carlos reported work on a form and script to build a "Home Page" for users who do not have HTML editing skills.
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Quota Adjustment

David Trueman presented a new scheme for managing user disk quota. We need a better way of controlling quota allotments, as we are preparing to sell disk quota, as well as organize better support for volunteer quota adjustments.


  1. Purchased quota
  2. Mailing List owners need large temporary quota to handle mail storms.
  3. Volunteers need quota to perform their volunteer activities, which will vary according to the activity.
The plan is to create a database, based on the NameDB, containing records of quota allotments. Each record might be in the form
The field "reason" would identify the committee that is responsible for the volunteer function, or, of course, the amount paid. "file_system" would indicate home or mail, "increment" would be an amount of quota added, e.g. +300 (kB)

A form would provide the options as pop-ups, to ensure the correct keywords were used

A script would scan the database regularly to check for expiring quota increments, and query the Team leader for approval of extension of the quota as it came due. A user on multiple committees would have a separate record for each function, with an appropriate quota extension for each, referred periodically to that function's team leader.
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This Page prepared by Ed Dyer

Workshop Coordinator David J. Murdoch

Next Meeting June 26, 1996

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