Chebucto Suite Workshop July 10, 1996

July 10, 1996


Funding Meeting Preparations

Two meetings are planned for next week, to deal with our Grant Application to assist with CSuite development. In order to assist with this effort, all members of the CSuite workshop are strongly encouraged to participate in putting together the Administrative Document Set.

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Administrative Document View

Some progress has been made in putting at least minimal content in most of the items. The form of the documentation was discussed at length, and it was agreed that a sample be prepared. At the time of this writing, the Mailing Lists page is the best available example. The intent is to prepare pages similar in style to Man Pages, using various standard sections and lots of appropriate links, based on this general format:
name - One Line Description
User View
characterise the user interface
Administrative View
characterise the administrative functionality and interface, particularly as regards any tuning, maintenance etc. required
Implementation View
links to source browser and related information
See Also
links to related documents
links to related functions
No man page would be complete :-) without a bugs or limitations section - editor.

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Editing Note

It is important always to use "update", when editing scripts and documents under CSuite. ccn/bin/update is a script which invokes your favourite [or not, as it may be configured ;-) ] editor after using RCS to check out to you, a controlled copy of the file, to prevent editing collisions, and also redirecting your edit to a master copy (when that exists) with variables to be substituted upon reinstallation, thus supporting customized copies for Virtual Community Nets.

Note that edits done directly on a file will be overwritten the next time update is used, so a direct edit could be used for a temporary change.

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Public Access Terminals - Admin Menu

Landon has been preparing an administrative function menu for the PATs. It would be invoked by logging into the admin account.
Menu items:
help - likely solutions
Suggested menu items should be directed to Landon.

All actions would be logged and forwarded to CCN, by a mechanism to be determined.

Actions and notes would have a comment field for the administrators to note who and why.

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Liason Issues

Tony reported that the Editors group are responding very positively to our draft IPdb editing system, bringing new ideas and enhancements.

The Group editor currently works with a copy of the editing groups file. When we are satisfied the editing capability is totally bug-free, it will be unleashed on the etc/group file. domkip invokes lib/edgroup to edit the etc/group file.

The editors have requested a confirmation log daily report. As the changes are now logged to /private/log/ip/YYYYMMDD, a script is needed to interpret the log file, and mail it. Entries in the log file are in the format "what|detail|date|who". It will be necessary to check completeness of the logging capability.

The script ccn/lib/arch2html is the current method to create mailing list archives, and should be used for all mailing lists.

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Next Meeting July 17, 1996

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