Chebucto Suite Workshop August 28, 1996

August 28, 1996


The Trueman Report

David Trueman presented a report that covered many fronts.

TeleCommunities Canada

TeleCommunities Canada 96 was held in Edmonton, with 3 representatives from CCN attending. David Trueman presented 2 talks, using a browser over the net as his visual display. The technical talk centered on the CSuite Tour (more below) and the scripts which implement much of Chebucto Suite's functionality. Those attending appeared very impressed with the depth of capability provided by the system.

A second talk on the non-technical aspects of the system focussed on the way that Chebucto Suite has been implemented to enhance the operations of a community network. A brochure about the Chebucto Suite was made available for attendees.

CCN will host TeleCommunities Canada 97: August 15-19, 1997.


Work is continuing on clearing the path for the CSuite Development Funding Proposal, meeting each obstacle as it arises.

We need to firm up our plans for modularizing CSuite, as well as for dividing the work in such a way that it can be handled in reasonable sized contracts. The plan would allow for individuals or groups within the CCN-tech team as well as from other sites to be able to participate.


Negotiations on a new ISP contract are proceeding.

The Nova Scotia government is proposing a province-wide network, IWAN, to be operated by private telecommunications firms. CCN is hoping that may provide a means to provide interconnection for many community networks.

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New CSuite Tours

Andrew Dacey presented the new CSuite Tour pages which he and Landon Boyd have been building the last couple of weeks. The tours provide the prospective operator of CSuite or user of a CSuite site a chance to view the system's many facets, and even provide an annotated view of the live registration procedure, for those with frame-enabled browsers. The system automatically recognizes this capability, and provides a less interactive, but still very useful tour for less capable browsers, including Lynx.

Please browse the tour, and give Andrew and Landon some feedback. Help in filling out the remaining sections would also be welcome.

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Windsor Update

We would like to get some of Windsor's technical people involved in CSuite, and are trying to arrange that they may meet with us regularly in our Wednesday workshops.

A meeting in the near future to concentrate on the VCN functionality is planned.

Ideas on economical ways of providing dialup connectivity for Windsor are needed, as the original plan of a 56K frame relay connection seems to be priced out of their current practical reach.

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Volunteer Coordinators

CCN's board has suggested that the various teams appoint one of their members to act as a volunteer contact and provide specific orientation to the group's activities. Many of the team leaders handle this function now, but some need to hand off this activity to spread the responsibility and focus on their mandate.

There are a number of documents on-line at this point which provide a significant record of the CCN technical Committee's activities:

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Postmaster Tools

In order to streamline the activities of the postmasters, Sean Garagan and Ed Dyer will work together to create a new Postmaster's Utility Page. Tools such as would be included in a forms based interface that would allow the postmaster(s) to access these functions appropriately, with a minimum of compromise to system security, and with identity validation.

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Liason Issues

Tony Cianfaglione reported two concerns from userhelp.

There appears to have been a spate of mail spams, junk mail, and abusive mail arriving in CCN users' mailboxes recently. Various solutions were discussed, and it was agreed that we work on a mail filter system, in order to reduce the workload of the userhelp team and the postmasters. A user interface based on a form and secure script will be used to set up the filter parameters.

Another aid will be the preparation of a faq page on junk-mail for the help desk.

Complaints were made about failed transfer of files over a telnet connection from a freenet. It was suggested that most telnet connections do not support binary file transfer, at least not without special configuration. We support ftp connections for that purpose.

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