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Windsor Assistance Schedule

Plans were made to assist the Windsor site in coming up to speed by learning and taking over various functions. This will involve verification that the various functions work properly in the VCN environment, and preparation of documentation for the functions.

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CSuite Tech Newbie Orientation

Andrew Dacey and Ed Dyer agreed to work on preparing a collection of resources that will help new recruits (as well as those of us who have watched CSuite grow around them) learn about CSuite, how it works, and how we develop and maintain functions for CSuite. A library collection for loan to newbies was also proposed.

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Opportunity NS Booth

Opportunity NS is a Trade Show open to the Public on Thursday September 19, 1996, following the Softworld 96 Trade Show. Chebucto Suite will be presenting one booth in the Dalhousie set, as an item of new information technology happening at Dal.

It was agreed to prepare an off-line demo of CSuite on one of our Pentium servers and present it at the show. A banner is to be investigated by David J. Murdoch

We need volunteers to staff the booth, please contact David Trueman.

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Development Machines

Andrew Dacey will summarize our requirements for new development machines, needed since two of the units we are currently using need to be returned to Dalhousie for class use. Details by e-mail.

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More Later

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