CSuite Workshop Notes - October 23, 1996

Chebucto Suite Development Team

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Distribution Update

Landon Boyd presented an update on progress towards a new CSuite Distribution Version. We have a new platform running a Solaris compilation of CSuite.

The new box can be reached at http://soltst.cs.dal.ca/ and needs to undergo a lot of beating before release, so all members of the team are asked to take some time to check it out. User registration is via the usual route Services/Registration/ or by logging in as guest. Of course, once the registration is completed, then we should e-mail Landon@chebucto.ns.ca to have the new test account activated, in lieue of sending a cheque ;-)

We want to test all functions, so need to acquire necessary permissions and interfaces from Landon to access some administrative areas. This may involve the invention of needed interfaces to manage these functions.

David Murdoch (djm@chebucto.ns.ca) will serve as Head of Testing. David Benoit (benoit@chebucto.ns.ca) has some documentation on testing that he will provide.

James and Andrew are documenting the install procedure. It is planned to incorporate more live functions, and file editing interfaces, rather than the current instructions to "go do ..."

All participants are requested to make notes and forward them to csuite-test@chebucto.ns.ca [Change - Ed.]

Please note: For administrative purposes, a separate list has been set up to facilitate testing feedback, called csuite-test@chebucto.ns.ca (subscription via Majordomo.) This will help to keep csuite-dev for its original purpose, discussion of development issues for Chebucto Suite.

Concerns were raised about the variables ADDRESS and CURRENCY, and whether they were still required.

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Bulk Mail Design

David Benoit presented his design for the Bulk Mail Processor:
     .	connect to the server to notify login, and tell server to send
	any pending messages.
     .	recieve a connection from the client, and return to the client
	if mail is to be sent.
     .	If there is mail to be sent, lock the user's mail file, and send the
	mail (this can either be sent to the client to add, or done at the
	system level)
     .	Once the mail is sent, remove the user from the database, and for
	each message that was sent to the user, decrease the pending count
	on that message.
     .	If the pending count on a message reaches 0, delete the message
	from the mail directory.
     .	Expiries will be checked before notification is sent to the client,
	to make sure that if all the mail that is to be sent to the user has
	expired, the client will recieve notice that there is no mail.

     .	a mailer daemon will be running on:  bulkmail.chebucto.ns.ca
     .	any bulkmail will be sent through this daemon. EG:
	would send mail to the members of ccn-tech through the bulkmailer.
     .	bulkmail recieves a connection from the mailer daemon.
     .	a request will be made to send a new message.
     .	for each recipient:
	     .	lookup the mail that is pending for the user
	     .	remove the record from the database
	     .	insert the new message ID	
	     .	put the user information back into the database
     .	the text of the message will then be put in the bulkmail directory
	with the lowest message id that is available.

     .	use identd as an authentication method
     .	have some sort of deferred creating of a mail message
     .	size limit
     .	keep list of addresses that message is sent to and a complete list
	of the people that it was originally sent to.
     .	when the message is sent to a user, add them to the list of
     .	delete message number from list kept for the user after it is sent

     .	gdbm file for forwarded addresses. This is updated using 'go forward'
     .	dynamic mailing lists (eg: all-users):
	     .	have a separate gdbm file for each dynamic list
	     .	same structure as the others except, for each user, store
		what messages they have recieved
	     .	when requesting bulkmail, server will know what dynamic lists
		are active, and lookup the user in each one of those lists.
     .	have a default expiry date, be able to have a limit.
     .	when mail is sent to be processed, before adding, check if user is
	logged in. If they are, send it immediately.

File Formats:
     .	bulkmail directory will consist of:

	For regular messages:
	     .	{msg_id}.msg	- text of message (full headers included)
	     .	{msg_id}.to	- addresses of all potential recipients
	     .	{msg_id}.sent	- addresses of sucessfull recipents
	     .	db.bulkmail	- mail database will regular messages
	For dynamic messages:
	     .	{msg_id}.msg	- text of message (full headers included)
	     .	{msg_id}.sent	- addresses of sucessful recipents
	     .	db.{list-name}	- database file (described above)
     .	db.msgIdIndex	- number of messages unsent for each msg.

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Chebucto Users Manual

Tony Cianfaglione is continuing to develop a revision of the Chebucto Users Manual, based on a version prepared by the Nova Scotia Atari Computer Users Group. Tony is applying his userhelp experience to verify the content, and David Murdoch will write a preface describing the rationale for Community Networks, and Chebucto Community Net in particular. A feedback postcard is also to be added. The resulting work will be coordinated with the group appointed by the board, and may involve the Atari group in a continuing way.

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Information Providers Liason

Tony Cianfaglione is dropping his role as Technical Liason with the IP Committee as well as his Health, Fitness and Recreation duties, due to other committments.

Ed Dyer, as a CCN Editor, will take over the IP Committee liason role.

IP committee concerns lay around the "Group Editing" function, ftp access and installation of documents for IP sites, and installation by extracting zip files.

A desired function is to be able to explicitly assign/reassign the IPE1 role, in view of its function as chief editor and ip-priv mail-list owner. Possible delegation of Group Editing to the IPE1 is understood to be requested, but concerns are raised as to the appropriateness of that option. Concerns were raised as to difficulties in accessing the IPDB, and Tony reported that he normally had to enter his password 3 times before he gained access.

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There is a continuing demand for graphics access. It turns out that our new Internet Service Provider contract provides for continuation of the current level of services, and that new services would have to be approved (read renegotiated ;-)

The various graphics browser emulations were suggested, but David Trueman opined that a better route would be a SLIP or PPP service with access limited to the local host, by running it through the proxy server, thus providing effective testing for Editors, with no implications for our internet service. The service would be available for editors only. At this point the project would appear to be low in our priority list.

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Agenda Planning

It was decided that we try to prepare an agenda before the meeting, and to that end, those members who had agenda items to suggest were asked to submit them to the editor Ed Dyer aa146@chebucto.ns.ca. Current items will be mailed to the group a few days before the meeting. [ Oops - missed that one :( -Ed. ]

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Submitted by Ed Dyer aa146@chebucto.ns.ca
Workshop Coordinator David J Murdoch djm@chebucto.ns.ca

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