Chebucto Suite Workshop 1

The first in a series of weekly workshops, to discuss, coordinate and develop the features of Chebucto Suite (CSuite for short), was held Wednesday November 29, 1995 at 4:30 p.m. in the Chase Building at Dalhousie University.


David Trueman, co-chair of Metro-CAN Society, presented an Overview of Chebucto Suite, using slides that can be found as pages mounted on CCN in the ccn-tech area. Please see those pages for details. (CSuite is the package of software, documentation, and support services that is used to setup and run the Chebucto Community Network.)


A set of principles for the workshop series were agreed upon. David Trueman presented a list of development activities planned for CSuite. Those present chose areas of interest from the list.


A preliminary schedule for workshop presentations was developed, with presenters and dates to be set as we proceed:
If any of you notice any errors or omissions, please let us know.
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