Draft teams & project list

We are working in to main directions: 
 1. ongoing enhancements to the CCN system
 2. Preparation of CSuite to the level of a 1.0 product

We have a target date for a shippable product of somewhere between Sept 1
and Dec 1.  We have other targets (to be set) which are earlier so as to
achieve the goal!  Projects to be included in v1.0 are marked with a * (and
possibly a number to indicate priority).

Please review the following and *send me as much mail as you can* on the
projects/teams you are involved in, and possibly others!  I will attempt
to include or select appropriate content and summarize early next week --
before the meeting.

Distribution (*1)
- install, configuration, de-install, update mechanism
- demo/generic documents for "off the shelf use"
- responder (so we can track usage)
- test suite to validate installation
- code review

Documentation (*1)
- technical/system
  Each of us was going to document a script, right?  Coordinator?
- administration/office
- user
- volunteer
- index
  Andrew Irwin -- progress expected between 2 and 4 weeks

Office Support
- disk space (selling scripts?)
- user registration
- phone log

IP Support
- install (*1)
- group file (*)

System Support
- monitoring (*)
- stats (*)
  e.g. for the responder part of the distribution
- predictions
- PAT support
- VCN support

Interface (user) Support
- xwelcome
- mail filtering
- login timer
- hypernews
- off-line mail reading
- batch password processing
- express modem pool
- PGP signing of messages

Volunteer Support
- bulk mail (*)
- demand delivery (e.g. of helpdesk mail)

These are not projects (?) but are items that need decisions:
  -- send me your ideas --
- Timetable for CSuite: feature, distribution lockdown, etc
- Copyright
- Licensing
- Wait for government funding decision, or decide to go it without support?

Other things
- How to get support for application/help of other sorts from other CSuite
  (beta/alpha) sites?
  (How many are there? Kiev, Fredericton, Hamilton, Winnipeg?, ...)
- Liaison/contact manager for interested parties who hear about us