An Approach to CSuite Technical Documentation

The Technical Documentation Team is working on creating a structure that will:
Allow for growth
Use multiple documentation routes: heirarchical, time sensitive and searching mechanism
Facilitate easy creation, management and manipulation of project team work areas
Provie consistent, predictable structure
Give control to individual project teams


The first phase is under way. Document templates have been created giving a consistent look and feel to documentation. File management and directory structures are being put into place permitting a modular selection/manipulation of documentation. Procedures are being settled on for the logging and discussion of each project teams needs and accomplishments. Efforts right now are focussing on getting each teams work area established, creating a consistent and easy to create, easy to peruse document organisation. Phase one will create a structure for cataloguing information as it is created. This effort should be comppleted by the end of January. Once completed, it will leave "as it happens" documentation in the hands of each project team.

The second phase should be a review of existing technical documentation to see where there are shortfalls, particularly of issues and CSuite features that have already gelled.

The third phase will be documentation of each project as it begins to gell. This third phase is in essence the creation of release ready documentation.

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