From david@cs.dal.caFri Feb  2 10:21:35 1996
Date: Fri, 2 Feb 1996 10:09:58 -0400
From: David Trueman 
To: CCN Technical Committee 
Subject: policy on executables

I am developing a program cross-referencing facility and in so doing
I am scanning the system for executable files.  I have come up with a few 
organizational rules that we can move toward fairly rapidly.  Comments
are invited.

	1.  All executables must reside in a directory whose name
	    contains "bin", "lib", "cgi" or "exec"

	2.  No executable should reside anywhere under /ccn/info

	3.  Every directory for executables should be documented as to its
	    purpose in /ccn/docs/executables (or the equivalent).

	4.  No directory for executables should have both executables
	    and subdirectories (maybe)

	5.  Binaries (compiled programs) should share directories with scripts
	    only as symbolic links pointing into architecture-specific
	    directories which mirror our others (e.g. ../x-sparc-sunos4/....).
	    This will facilitate future binary distributions.

Current exceptions to these rules (to be corrected) are:

	/ccn/private - none of the ones under here should be "official";
			if they are, they should move elsewhere
	/ccn/etc - contents should be split into /ccn/etc for configuration
		   files, /ccn/cgi/*bin for server cgi scripts and
		   /ccn/sbin (different than current /ccn/sbin) for
		   systems daemons, startup scripts, etc.

  David Trueman,
    Systems Manager, Dalhousie Math, Stats and Computing Science
    Co-Chair, Metro*CAN Society running Chebucto Community Net


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Date: Fri, 2 Feb 1996 11:50:18 -0400
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