From aa030@chebucto.ns.caFri Feb  2 13:24:47 1996
Date: Fri, 2 Feb 1996 11:50:18 -0400
From: Gerard MacNeil 
To: CCN Technical Committee 
Subject: ScriptAlias

From the /httpd/conf/srm.conf file: (?is this correct dlp)

# ScriptAlias: This controls which directories contain server scripts.
# Format: ScriptAlias fakename realname

ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/ /ccn/etc/cgi-bin/                 # Anon. User bin
ScriptAlias /cgi-sbin/ /ccn/etc/cgi-sbin/               # deprecated
ScriptAlias /cgi-abin/ /ccn/info/adm/cgi-abin/          # deprecated

ScriptAlias /cgi-lib/ /ccn/etc/cgi-lib/                 # Anon. User library
ScriptAlias /cgi-rlib/ /ccn/etc/cgi-rlib/               # Restricted library
ScriptAlias /cgi-membin/ /ccn/etc/cgi-membin/           # Membership bin
ScriptAlias /cgi-officebin/ /ccn/etc/cgi-officebin/     # Office and Admin. bin
ScriptAlias /cgi-satbin/ /ccn/etc/cgi-satbin/           # SAT Committee bin
ScriptAlias /cgi-ipbin/ /ccn/etc/cgi-ipbin/             # IP Committee bin
ScriptAlias /cgi-outbin/ /ccn/etc/cgi-outbin/           # Outreach and Supporters bin
ScriptAlias /cgi-cnbin/ /ccn/etc/cgi-cnbin/             # Comm. Net bin
ScriptAlias /cgi-vbin/ /ccn/etc/cgi-vbin/               # Virtual CN bin
ScriptAlias /cgi-patbin/ /ccn/etc/cgi-patbin/           # PAT bin
ScriptAlias /cgi-edbin/ /ccn/etc/cgi-edbin/             # Editors bin
ScriptAlias /HyperNews/ /ccn/etc/cgi-bin/HyperNews/

/ccn/info/adm/cgi-abin/ no longer exists and can be safely removed.

There isn't very much in cgi-sbin in current use.  They are mostly very 
dated programs.  I'll look into them.

I had created two new directories that did not get into srm.conf
	/ccn/etc/cgi-volbin	- volunteer administration
	/ccn/etc/cgi-polbin	- policy administration

They are currently empty but both areas need specific applications to 
support the efforts of the volunteers.

Gerard MacNeil, P. Eng.
Operations Manager
Chebucto Community Net