About This Supplement

This Supplement specifies MIF (Machine Interface Format) for the following Ascend products:

What is in this supplement?

This Supplement contains these chapters:

For the meaning of parameters related to MIF, see the MAX Reference Guide.

What you should know

This Supplement is intended for the person who will write a MIF program as an alternative configuration interface to an Ascend unit. It does not provide instruction in writing MIF programs or in deciding what interface elements you need to configure.

To write a MIF program, you should understand how to configure the Ascend unit and the meaning of each parameter you intend to change. You should also have some experience in programming in a high-level language. You should also understand serial communication.

Documentation conventions

This section shows the documentation conventions used in this guide.



Monospace text

Monospace text represents information that you enter exactly as shown, and it identifies onscreen text, such as, statistical information.


Italics represent variable information. Do not enter the words themselves in the command; enter the information they represent.


A note signifies important additional information.


A caution means that a failure to follow the recommended procedure could result in a loss of data or damage to equipment.


A warning means that a failure to take appropriate safety precautions could result in physical injury.



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