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His eyes sparkle when he talks about his friend. His face lights up and he grins.

"It doesn't matter what we do together" he says. " It's great just spending time being friends."

That's Harry Gardiner, 75 years young and Big Brother to his fourth Little in 17 years. When Harry first met his Little Brother, Matthew, they got along right from the start.

Harry was just what Matthew needed. Growing up with two older sisters, one of them his legal guardian, Matt didn't have any male role models in his household. Harry is able to fill that gap. But he is more than a role model for Matt. He is his friend.

"Harry has a strong personality and he gives Matthew confidence in himself," says Nora, Matthew's sister and guardian. "He has gained a great sense of self worth."

"A big brother should be there to encourage his little. If I'm doing it right, I should be working myself right out of a job really." laughs Harry.

Matthew sees thing a little clearer.

"I'm lucky to have a big brother like Harry." he grins.