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Anatomy of Anger

Try out this anger awareness exercise and see if it helps unlock a complicated emotion.

bulletDraw an iceberg on a piece of paper with the water revealing about 10% of the tip. Label the tip as Anger.
bulletThink about a time you felt angry in a situation.
bulletWrite the things you did with your anger above the water.
bulletCheck the ways to understand and control anger section. What type of choices did you make? What happened as a result?
bulletSince anger is always the second emotion, think about the first feeling(s) you had in the experience and write them under the surface of the "water line." Examples: Hurt, betrayal, jealousy, vulnerablity or frustration.
bulletDid the problem get solved? Do you need to tell the people involved how you felt?
bulletDo they need to use the anger iceberg to figure out what their responsibility is?
bulletEvaluate your choices and include what might have happened if you used an assertive response.

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