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What Can Men Do?

bullet1. Do our homework. Listen to women; learn from their experience. Read women's literature. Read articles and books about masculinity and the root causes of violence. (The Halifax Library has a resource catalogue called Men Changing Men) Educate ourselves to see the connection between how men are conditioned in this culture and how that conditioning results in abusive behavior toward women.
bullet2. Reflect. How can we change our abusive and controlling behavior?
bullet3. Use inclusive, non-sexist language.
bullet4. Confront sexist, racist, homophobic, and any other bigoted remarks or jokes.
bullet5. Don't fund sexism. Don't purchase magazines, rent videos, or buy tapes and CDs that portray women in sexually degrading or violent ways. Write to publishers and editors when we find sexism in newspapers and magazines. Protest the gratuitous use of violence against women in television and film by writing TV and movie executives.
bullet6. Challenge candidates for political office at every level, from student government to the Prime Minister of Canada. Ask them to be committed to the full social, economic, and political equality of women; oppose those who are not so committed.
bullet7. Support and advocate for increased government funding for battered women's shelters, rape crisis centres and organizations that promote gender equality. Wear a purple ribbon in the weeks before the anniversary of the Montreal Massacre (Dec. 6). Support and volunteer to assist programs that counsel men who abuse women.
bullet8. Propose and/or support curriculum changes, at every level of the educational system, that mandate courses and programs to eliminate sexism and sexual violence. Pressure school administrators to require these activities.
bullet9. Organize a group of men--in school, at work, or among a circle of friends--to met regularly and reflect on changing our behavior and being positive agents of change.
bullet10. Invite other men to see the advantages for all of us if we support women's issues and work for gender equality.

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