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Letter to the editors

The letters to the editor page is one of the pages most read of any section of the paper.

Of course there are many other newspapers at universities and in the community.  Each one will have information on how to write a letter to them.  The Halifax Metro Daily Newspapers are a good place to start...

* The Daily News *

Mail: P.O. Box 8330 Nova Scotia
B3B 1T5
Send a Fax: 468-2645
Send E-mail: dnews@fox.nstn.ns.ca

* The Chronicle Herald/Mail Star *

Mail: Voice of the People
P.O. Box 610
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3J 2T2
Send a Fax: 426-2810
Send E-mail: herald@fox.nstn.ca

** Be certain to include your phone number for call back to verify that you are the author (imagine if you signed PM Cretien and they published it without checking!)


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