The Websites which follow provide access to a limited range of writings of or about key figures and management consultants whose theories and strategies for organizational change find a basis in systemic theory, open system theory or chaos theory variously expressed.  It is anticipated that the journey through these sites will  lead to many cross linkages which will further expand horizons in the area of  organizational change.  Systemic change consultants selected for this part of the website include Meg Wheatley, Peter Senge, Dee Hock, Art Kleiner, Stephen Covey , Peter Checkland, Peter Drucker, Jay Forrester, Bela Banathy, Willis Harman and Mary Parker Follett, William Bridges, Marvin WeisbordRussel DiCarlo and The Change Project Interviews.  

Margaret Wheatley 
An Interview with Margaret Wheatley: The New Science of Leadership. From The INSIGHT & OUTLOOK Radio Series. 

1995 Conference Speaker Biographies  The Bionomics Institute. 1996 Conference 
Speaker Biographies. Margaret Wheatley is president of The Berkana Institute, and a principal of Kellner-Rogers & Wheatley. 

Creating Organizational Futures International Institute for Learning, Inc. Presenter Meg Wheatley profile and three hour satellite course outline: 

Cover story  Drexel Women in Engineering Program Newsletter. "She'll be coming round the mountain....". by Dr. Margaret Wheatley Assistant  Professor, Chemical Engineering. (Historical Perspective on Drexel Women in Engineering with generalizable insights for all women engineers). 


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Peter Senge 
Home Page - Learning Organization 
August 21, 1997  "Towards a New Learning Paradigm" 
Related linkages: 
MIT LO Home Page 
Stanford Learning Org Website (SLOW) 


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Dee Hok - Chaordic Orgs 
1) Dee Hock: Institutions in the Age of Mindcrafting 
Reproduced with permission by Cascade Policy Institute. Institutions in the Age of Mindcrafting. by Dee W. Hock Founder and CEO Emeritus VISA USA and VISA. 

2)Office: 21st Century Learning Initiative: Article: Dee Hock:  The Chaordic Organization: Out of Control 

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Stephen Covey 
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People 
An overhead with brief description of the 7 habits. 

Habit Forming 
On-line article  by Anita Thompson describes Steven Covey, his philosophy, publications their impact as well  as his Leadership Institute and its on-going projects such as translating the 7 habits into a guidebook for families. 

Towards A  New World View: At The Leading Edge by Russel diCarlo 
Interview with Stephen Covey excerpted from the above book 

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Art Kleiner's Home Page- The Age of Heretics: 
Art Kleiner is co-author of the Fifth Discipline Field Book and a consultant in Organizational  Change.  The Home page of Art Kleiner's features his new book The Age of Heretics which is a  history of management with an emphasis on the innovators from WWII to the present, the majority of whom are /were systemic thinkers. Executive Summary of the Book. 
Home page has useful links to "management innovation", "systems thinking", "new governance", "sustainability and corporate environmentalism" sites as well as info on  the Fifth Discipline Field book of which Kleiner is a co-author.   


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Bela Banathy 
Bela Banathy is a leading theorist and practitioner in the field of  idealized social system and  human system design, Professor at Saybrook Institute, San Francisco and founder of the International Systems Institute based in Monterey California whose recent book "Designing Social Systems in a Changing World is a comprehensive history of organizational change from a systemic perspective informed by a  lifetime's learning and practice. A number of contributions from Bela Banathy are available on the Wholeness Seminar Website. Primer/seminar.html 

Peter Checkland 
Originator of Soft Systems Methodology 

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Jay Wright Forrester 
Jay Wright Forrester, who was building the world's fastest computer at  MIT. 
System Dynamics and the Lessons of 35  Years by Jay W. Forrester Germeshausen Professor Emeritus and Senior Lecturer Sloan. 
Excellent overview and history of the field of systems dynamics which Forrester helped to found. 
Learning through System Dynamics as Preparation for the 21st Century by Jay W. Forrester Germeshausen Professor Emeritus and Senior Lecturer. 
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Marvin Weisbord Home Page 
Marvin R. Weisbord has been an entrepreneur, manager, and consultant for more than 30 years. He has consulted to business, education, government, medical, non-profit, and voluntary organizations in North America and Scandinavia.  He is the author of Productive Workplaces and  coauthor of Discovering Common Ground and Future Search (see book reviews below) Bela  Banathy who in Social Systems Design develops a typology of  processes for "Transcending Old Paradigms" in organizational change categorizes  Wesibord's Future Search Conference as Type B approach: "leaping out" leaving the old paradigm behind. 

Future Search book Review: "Future Search explores a highly successful new way for organizations and communities of all types to apply global thinking and democratic values to achieve rapid whole systems improvement. This approach enables productive work with the "whole system" in the room, even strangers and people with a history of conflict"-From the Website-- 

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William Bridges 
William Bridges' Managing Organizational Transitions. 
Background and Nature of the Program. 
Three books by William Bridges.To order, call 1-800-888-4945 or order form to print and fax to: 

William  Bridges, author of "JobShift" 

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Mary Parker Follett Websites 
List of Publications from website of Tobias C. Brow 
Provides a list of her main publications: 
1.  Henry Clay as Speaker of the House. New England Magazine (1892). 
2.  Speaker of the House of Representatives (1898). 
3.  New state, group organization the solution of popular governance (1918). 
4. Community is a process. Philosophical Review (1919), 28(6), p. 578-588. 
5. Creative experience (1924). 

Mary Parker Follett Prophet of Management: A Celebration of Writings from the 1920s. Edited by Pauline Graham Preface by Rosabeth Moss Kanter. 
Mary Parker Follett: Prophet of Management - First Quarter, 1996. Mary Parker Follett: Prophet of Management edited by Pauline Graham (309 pages, Harvard Business School Press, $29.95). 

Mary Parker Follett - Mary Parker Follett 1868 - 1933 Leadership Thinker Ahead of Her Time. 

Prophet of Management: a Celebration of Writings from the 1920s, edited by Pauline Graham. 

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  Peter Drucker: Official Website 
Describes who he is, offers some of his best known quotes and provides list of internet articles about him as well as list of  books and articles he has written. 

Articles on or by and Speeches by Peter Drucker: 
Knowledge Work and Knowledge Society: Social transformations of this Century 
On May 4, 1994, Peter F. Drucker, the Marie Rankin Clarke Professor of Social Science and Management at Claremont Graduate School, delivered the 1994 Edwin L. Godkin Lecture at Harvard University s John F. Kennedy School of Government. 
Peter Drucker - "Still the youngest of minds" - Article in Forbes Magazine. 
Drucker's interview in Wired magazine 

New Priorities: Originally published in IN CONTEXT #32, Summer 1992, Page 6 

The Age of Social Transformation 
As originally published in The Atlantic Monthly, November 1994: A survey of the epoch that began early in this century, and an analysis of its latest manifestations: an economic  order in which knowledge, not labor or raw material or capital, is the key resource; a social order in which inequality based on knowledge is a major challenge;and a polity in which government cannot be looked to for solving social and economic problems. 

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Russel DiCarlo 
Author of  Towards A  New World View: At The Leading Edge 
Lengthy paper on  "New Views In the Workplace: A Full-spectrum Approach to Empowerment"  By Russell E. DiCarlo speaker, trainer and business consultant who specializes in issues of  personal, organizational and  community transformation. This paper provides an excellent overview of  the research and the new consciousness movement which informs this integrated approach to empowerment which works fromcosmological assumptions in defining a process for empowering the whole person - body, mind and spirit. 


The Change Project: Interviews 
Top thinkers tell how to deal with change in organizations  and communities including meg Wheatley, Marvin Wesibord, Hazel Henderson etc. 

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