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Theatre & Drama

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Our Community

    Acadia Theatre Dept.
    Alive Theatre
    CentreStage Theatre - Kentville
    Dalhousie Theatre Department
    Dalhousie Theatre Department Productions
    Dartmouth Players
    Eastern Front Theatre Company
    Évangéline - Pointe-de-l'Église
    Festival Antigonish
CCN Gilbert and Sullivan Society
    Halifax Improvateers Improv Troupe
    Hubtown Theatre - Truro
    Irondale Ensemble Project
    Jest In Time Theatre
    King's Theatre
    Maritime Marionettes
    Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia
    Neptune Theatre
    Playwrights Atlantic Resource Center
    Quick As A Wink Theatre Society - Windsor NS
    Shakespeare by the Sea
    Stage Hand Puppets
CCN Women's Theatre and Creativity Centre



Usenet Groups

Note: The selection of Canadian and International links is not intended to be exhaustive, but rather to include some major and locally relevant resources.